The 7th street Haunt 2014 Review

The 7th Street Haunt (Louisville, KY)

“Fear In Fort Harmony”

By Noah Wullkotte:

Drive past a grim reaper and park your car for one of Louisville’s spookiest haunts. A chainsaw freak stalks the crowd as a protester proclaims the the end is near. Let Captain Spaulding take your ticket before entering The 7th Street Haunt. Enter an old bar with skeletons and the ghost of Elvis. Are you prepared to escape to Fort Harmony. This small town was once a great place to grow up, but now something terrifying and possibly evil has taken control of the town’s people.

Walk the halls of a mental hospital where lunatics roam and unspeakable acts are performed. A Maternity ward has the cutest babies you’ve ever seen. Get a closer look as a baby hits the front of the glass. How cute, the nurse has a baby attached to her. Will you help her? You might go crazy if you spend enough time in this mental institution. A room is padded as a crazed patient screams with laughter.

The circus is in town and the Ringmaster welcomes you to his house of horrors. On display is a half human, half vermin creature. This caged freak tries to escape, but is unsuccessful. Lucian Tomes plays the Ringmaster and lends his skills as an actor to 7th Street Haunt. His character was definitely one of the highlights of our experience.

Don’t raise the dead as you enter an elaborate graveyard where an angel statue comes to life. 7th Street Haunt is a very creative attraction with some characters that are just plain creepy. What else can I say about an old man who strokes a pole and wants you to smell women’s panties? You’ll meet him a couple times throughout the haunt. The actor is played by Gary Reeser and his character can be summed up in one word and that’s perverted.

This is a haunt that has some typical rooms you see in many haunts, but they add their own special touch. Instead of just having a gory dinning room, they’ve added an actor who’s missing his head and is ready to attack you with his hatchet. The voodoo shack features a witch doctor who is relentless. She’ll eventually follow you into the vortex tunnel which spins around and around.  The haunt is roughly 17 minutes give or take a few. There are very few areas where there’s not an actor or something crazy happening. There’s a séance room with an old woman who speaks to the dead, a miner’s cave, a human marionette, a cursed church and just about every type of themed room you can think of.

7th Street Haunt is one of the newest haunts in Louisville, Kentucky and has really come into its own over the years. It’s a haunt that tries to create a story by using different themed sections that are connected in some way to the story of Fort Harmony. This is an old school haunt with many homemade effects. Its focus is to create great characters and for people of all ages to enjoy themselves. We highly recommend 7th Street Haunt for those who enjoy a good scare and a variety of scenes that have good detailing and great characters.

General admission is $18 and you can purchase your tickets online for only $15. Group rates are available. You can get $5 off with coupon or with a work ID, school ID, or military ID.  On Sundays, you can take the Institutionalized Challenge for an additional $2. You can also get Burned Alive for an additional $5. There are plenty of concessions available on site. The food is to die for. Don’t forget to get your picture taken in the Fort Harmony Theater. Please visit for details on side attractions, special events and pricing.

The 7th Street Haunt has a mission and that’s to scare you shirtless. When you’re down in the Louisville area, please be sure to pay them a visit. You won’t be disappointed.

Length-8  Design-8  Props/Animatronics-7  Acting-9  Scare Effect-8
Final Stab: 8.0