2006 Haunt Awards

2006 City Blood Haunt Awards
Some haunts are just mildly entertaining while others immerse you in fear and don’t let go. These are the ones that have you talking all year and having you wishing that the fall season were year round. These are the best of the best for 2006 and congratulations to all the haunts that have won.

The 2006 Haunt of The Year Goes To:

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The Haunted Hotel (Louisville, KY)

For the second year in a row The Haunted Hotel has come out on top as the best haunt out of every single place we reviewed in 2006. Every year it brings something new to the table with its mix of intense actors and insane scenes. It’s amazing how this haunt progresses year after year and no wonder the streets are blocked off when The Haunted Hotel is in business. It’s that good and one of the most underrated haunts around.

The Runners Up Are:

#2 Dead Acres (Columbus, OH)

#3 The Haunted Laboratory (Akron, OH)

#4 The Haunted House (Cincinnati, OH)

#5 The Haunted School House (Akron, OH)

#6 Fright Manor    #7 Baxter Avenue Morgue    #8 Buford Haunted School    #9 Haunted Spook Coop    #10 USS Nightmare

The Rest of The Awards

Ohio’s Best
Dead Acres

Kentucky’s Best
The Haunted Hotel

Indiana’s Best
Fright Manor

Best Charity Haunt
Buford Haunted School

Most Intense Haunt
Buford Haunted School

Most Improved
The Haunted House

Most Promising
Sandyland Acres Haunted Hayride

Biggest Bang For Your Buck
Middletown Land of Illusion

Scariest Haunted Trail
The Black Bog

Best Hayride
Sandyland Acres Haunted Hayride

The Longest Haunt
Springboro Haunted Hayride

Best Acting
Terror Park 

Favorite Actor
Granny at Terror Park 

Best Haunt Mascot
The Janitor at The Haunted House

Most Unique Location/Setting
Haunted Cave At Lewisburg

Best Design
Dead Acres

Best Props/Animatronics
The Haunted School House

Best Prop Used
Tesla Coil at The Haunted Laboratory 

Best Lighting
USS Nightmare

Best Sound
USS Nightmare

Most Creative Masks/Makeup/Costumes
Terror Park 

Scariest Room/Scene
Chainsaw Maze at The Haunted Hotel

Best Crowd/Line Entertainment
Thriller Skit at Baxter Avenue Morgue

Friendliest Staff
Sandyland Acres Haunted Hayride

Most Frightful Family Event
Parky’s Farm Halloween Nights

Most Haunting Media Event
USS Nightmare

Best Concessions
The Chambers of Horror

Best Haunt Site
The Haunted House