2004 Haunt Awards

2004 Haunt Awards
The 2004 haunt season has brought many haunts that have stood above the rest in certain categories while some have just been dead and buried. So here they are, the best of the best.

Cincinnati’s Best-Dungeons of DelhiDayton/Middletown’s Best-Haunted Spook Coop

Ohio’s Best-The House of Nightmares

Kentucky’s Best-Baxter Avenue Morgue

Best Charity Haunt-Buford Haunted School

Most Improved-USS Nightmare

Most Promising-Riverside Jaycees 3D Haunted House

Best Props/AnimatronicsDead Acres

Best Design-The House of Nightmares

Best Sound-USS Nightmare

Best Masks-The Chambers of Horror

Best Acting-Baxter Avenue Morgue

Longest Haunt-USS Nightmare

Best Value-Dungeons of Delhi

Most Intense-Dead Acres

Best Haunted Trail-Middletown Haunted Trail

Spookiest Atmosphere-Lewisburg Haunted Cave

Most Intense Room-Hearse Crawl Through at Terror Maze


Haunt of The Year Goes To:

Over the years of visiting many haunts, there hasn’t been one as unique or creepy as The House of Nightmares. The house alone is scary and so is the cemetery next to it. Remember the creepy mansions in old black&white movies. Well,
The House of Nightmares reminds me of them and has everything you could want in a haunt.

Runners Up :
#2Dead Acres Tie Baxter Avenue Morgue
#3The Haunted Hotel
#4Haunted Spook Coop
#5Buford Haunted School