Waky Haunted House 2008 Review

Waky Haunted House-“It’s Back Jack”
We arrived at Waky Haunted House and were excited at what awaited us behind its doors. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that this was a haunted hospital themed haunt and for the most we walked away with a sense that this could be a great haunt.

Length-6: Waky Haunted House’s biggest downfall is its length. You’ll be out of this haunt within 7 minutes. It was great while it lasted, but I walked away wanting more.

Design-8: Waky Haunted House doesn’t have the best lighting or the most detailed scenes. But unlike many haunts it consistently follows the same theme throughout the haunt. Practically every room is themed around a hospital that has been taken over by the living dead and unspeakable creatures. Before you ever enter the haunt you’ll sit down in an authentic looking hospital waiting room with frightening patients and even a receptionist. The entire haunt has a great flow to it as you progress from room to room.

Props/Animatronics-7: Waky Haunted House doesn’t rely much on high end animatronics, but it does have some gruesome props that fit perfectly with the rooms they’re in. These include bloody body parts, tortured patients and so much more. Some high end props that are hospital themed would improve scenes greatly.

Acting-8: Waky Haunted House has an enthusiastic group of actors to say the least. These characters snarl, growl and get in your face. But there are a few scenes that need some more intense people. It’s ok to have a couple nurses and hospital staff walking around taking notes, but when every other room has them it becomes to become somewhat monotonous. There just needs to be more variety and more elaborate costumes and make would help with that problem.

Scare Effect-8: There aren’t many haunts that are themed after a haunted hospital. Most haunts that we’ve come across usually contain a hospital scene here and there, but doesn’t have the entire haunt resemble a hospital. Waky Haunted House has a lot of potential, but isn’t using it to its fullest. The entire outside building needs to be altered in a way so it resembles an actual hospital. A wrap advertising for your haunt doesn’t cut it and makes it appear that your haunt is only out to make money even if that isn’t the case. A detailed hospital facade would greatly help create a creepier atmosphere for Waky Haunted House.

Fright Value: $10 is a bit high for a haunt that only lasts around 7 minutes. Some how this haunt needs to be lengthened so you’re getting a bigger bang for your buck.

Final Stab-7.4: When I first heard about Waky Haunted House I wasn’t expecting a hospital themed haunt. I went in expecting horror movie themed scenes and cheap rubber masks. But I was wrong and I’m glad I was. This is a haunt that has a lot of potential and I hope they make enough profit to be able to make some improvements for next year. With some more creative scenes and detailing this could be a great haunt.