Victory of Light Psychic Festival 2017

Victory of Light Psychic Festival: Open Your Third Eye and Become Enlightened!
By Noah Wullkotte

The Victory of Light Festival is a 2 day celebration of body, mind and spirit. 2017 marks its 25th anniversary as one of the largest psychic festivals in the United States. World renowned psychic medium Victor Paruta started this popular event in 1992. He got the idea from a psychic that had a vision that he should start a psychic fair that focused on the spiritual world. This two day event at the Sharonville Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio is quite popular. People of all ages attend and some even dress up. It’s not unusual to see someone dressed as an elf, witch, angel or hippy. Don’t be surprised if you hear a flute all of a sudden or smell a weird scent. It’s usually some type of scented oil, soap, plant or incense.

Victory of Light has just about anything you can think of concerning the spiritual life. If you’re a fan of angels, they’ve got it. If you want your fortune told then you’re in luck. There are palm readers everywhere. Prices vary with some as high as $65 for an hour session. Everyone is welcome at the Victory of Light Expo and every type of religion is covered from Catholicism to the practice of Wicca. This is a stress free event and you might get a little sore from walking all day. If that’s the case then find a message therapist to help you heal your pain.

(You’ll find many Native American items including Medicine Bags.)

The downstairs portion of the Sharonville Convention Center is where all the seminars and workshops take place. There are classes that cover the interpretation of dreams, communicating with the dead and much more. Many of these classes are free and the ones that cost money are very reasonable. They’re usually ten or twenty bucks. This is a fun event for those who love nature, the spirit world, Native American culture, psychics, healers, tarot cards, gem stones, jewelry, art, pottery and more.

You’re bound to see some unusual things at Victory of Light. Yes, that man has a metal bowl on his head because it helps him become free spiritually. This seems to be a convention that caters more to women. You’ll notice that there are many vendors that sell jewelry and women’s clothing. There also seems to be a lack of vendors that sell items that deal with the paranormal. You might come across a few, but they’re scarce. There’s also plenty of food and refreshments available to purchase including hamburgers and smoothies. This will be the second year we’ve attended the psychic festival and we look forward to 2018. Tickets are only $15 a day or $25 for the weekend. It includes free seminars and live music. Seniors and students with an ID get $2 off. Children 12 and under are free and so is parking. Overflow parking is across the street.

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