USS Nightmare Media Night ’07

USS Nightmare Media Night
Wednesday October 3rd USS Nightmare held its annual Reviewers Night and of course City Blood attended. We walked up to the massive steamboat around 7:15 and we’re given our paper wrist bands and photo tickets and were directed on where to go. This year the Reviewers Night took place once again at the Mess Hall Party Room. The mess hall was decorated with different props like a hanging grim reaper and your typical Halloween decorations. Other review sites such as Ohio Valley Haunts, Haunted Cincinnati, The House of Doom and Haunted House Tour attended and the majority of us were reviewing USS Nightmare that night. There was of course Pizza and drinks. Boy the drinks and Pizza were probably consumed within 15 minutes.

A little past 8 we all walked out of the Mess Hall and went down to view this years Pickled Brothers Sideshow. To my surprise Terry Cambell from Industrial Nightmare was there touring USS Nightmare that night and possibly for the very first time. About 45 minutes passed and we were ready to tour the main attraction of the night, USS Nightmare.
We all walked down the old USS Nightmare pathway and we’re ready to be scared. The first time we went through I made sure to just tour the haunt and not take pictures. Not to my surprise USS Nightmare was better than ever with some major improvements and frightening surprises.
After we were done touring the old haunted steamboat we showed the staff our tickets and got complimentary photos that were taken while we were on the outside of the boat.  We then walked up the steps to enter the Mess Hall Party Room. To my surprise I had won the USS Nightmare actors poster through the haunted raffle they were having that night. This detailed poster had every actor and worker of USS Nightmare and I was the owner of the 3rd of its kind.
It was about 9:30 and we decided to go through once more so we could get some quality pictures to put on the site. Once again USS Nightmare was as good as ever with a few new actors filling up the many detailed rooms. Some of the actors must have taken a break. I could understand why since it was a bit warm inside the boat that night.
When we finished our second tour of USS Nightmare we decided to head back home. It was a great night for scares and I thank the entire staff at USS Nightmare for another incredible media night. The staff is always so friendly and truly loves everything about the industry. See you next year!
Mess Hall Party Room