Train of Terror 2007 Review

Train of Terror-“Dead Man Walking”
A haunt premiering this year is The Train of Terror. A haunted train will be a first for City Blood and we were excited to see what could be done inside such a long and narrow structure. Unfortunately we would be let down by how bad this haunt truly is.

Length-4: It will take less than 10 minutes to walk through the long and narrow train. The majority of this haunt consists of many dead spots with a lack of scenes and actors.

Design-2: The Train of Terror relies way too much on the design of the train. Due to how narrow the train is, it’s very difficult to have any scenes or rooms. Nothing stood out in my mind and the whole haunt reminded me of a poorly organized yard haunt. The entire haunt is similar to an extended haunted bus you find at many haunted trails.

Props/Animatronics-2: The only props you’ll come across is a falling spider, balloons, spider webs and really nothing worth mentioning. I would love to go on and on at how impressive the props were, but I can’t. The majority of eye candy can be purchased at your local Halloween store.

Acting-2: This must be a charity haunt because the majority of the actors are very young and inexperienced in scaring people. To make matters worse, they are either out of costume and rely too much on growling or saying boo.

Scare Effect-2: Seeing a dimly lit train off in the distance is a bit creepy, but once you walk inside the whole experience goes to Hell. Another element that ruins the entire experience is the tour guide who walks in front of you yelling “Dead Man Walking” to inform the actors before you enter a different scene.

Fright Value: It should be a sin to charge people $12 to enter a haunt that could be built in a day or less. This is a haunt that will leave you speechless by how bad it truly is.

Final Stab-2.4: There’s not much I can say about Train of Terror that I haven’t already. This is a haunt that was obviously put together at the last minute to make a couple bucks. Save your money and visit a different haunt.