Toxicity Haunted Attraction 2009 Review

Toxicity Haunted Attraction-“Don’t Get Infected” 
Toxicity Haunted Attraction is a brand new haunt in College Corner Ohio. I didn’t really know much about the haunt except that its storyline centered around a laboratory that has been infected by radiation and recently discovered. I was expecting a decent haunt, but what I experienced was pretty impressive considering this is a first year haunt. This is the review of Toxicity Haunted Attraction.

Length-8: Your toxic tour through Toxicity will take around 15 minutes to complete. There aren’t many dead spots to speak of or areas that just serve as filler. It’s a pretty fun haunt with eye catching scenes.

Design-8: Toxicity is a combination between a haunted house and haunted trail. Most of your time will be spent in small buildings where scenes reside. Scenes include a dark maze infested with rats, a hillbilly’s haven, various rooms with infected humans, a jungle with a monster plant and of course a chainsaw entrapment. At a certain point in the haunt you will come across a boarded area you must walk through, but unfortunately it has been blocked off .Suddenly crazed chainsaw maniacs come from nowhere running their chainsaws in between the pieces of wood. It’s an intense experience and if you have a fear of chainsaws this scene will really effect you. Overall the majority of rooms are pretty intense and there are some unique scenes I won’t mention. You’ll just have to experience them yourself.

Props/Animatronics-7: Toxicity is a low budget haunt, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be impressed by some of the decor you’ll see. Props include an animatronic plant, various flashing lamps, real furniture and more. The decor perfectly compliments the scenes its in without overshadowing the actors who are the highlight of the haunt. Additional animatronics and detailed props would help some, but isn’t essential.

Acting-10: The group of actors at Toxicity are just incredible. Each and every character that confronts you stays in character the entire time. You’ll meet a mad doctor, chainsaw maniacs, creatures that lurk in the dark, a twisted plant owner and various madmen that are ready to scare the wits out of you. You’ll notice right away that almost each and every actor is an adult and can be quite intimidating. They’ll get close to your face, stop you in your path and try whatever they can to scare you.

Scare Effect-10: Toxicity Haunted Attraction is a surprisingly scary haunt. The characters are intimidating, the scenes are intense and the action never stops until the haunt is over. Because of how convincing the characters are it’s a much more frightening experience than many other local haunted trails. Its focus is being scary instead of trying to wow you with fancy props.

Customer Service: The staff at Toxicity are very kind people. They are willing to help in anyway they can and really enjoy what they’re doing. Parking is completely free and is pretty safe. There are concessions available such as hot dogs, soda, candy and more. The prices aren’t outrageous either. When you visit Toxicity you’ll know from the start that if you are hungry or thirsty after being terrified inside the haunt, there will be something available for you to snack on afterwards. And hopefully nothing will be snacking on you.

Fright Value: $10 is a great deal for a haunt that focuses on what’s most important. That’s scaring the living daylights out of people. Unless there is a huge shortage of actors, you will not be disappointed with Toxicity and will be telling your friends how great this haunt truly is.

Final Stab-8.6: Toxicity Haunted Attraction is a very unique haunt. It doesn’t rely on fancy sets, big budget props or tons of advertising. Its heart lies within its actors and most people who visit this haunt will really appreciate their dedication. If you are near College Corner, OH and are looking for a quality haunt at a reasonable price then make sure and visit Toxicity Haunted Attraction. Hopefully you won’t get infected.