The Haunted Prison 2007 Review

The Haunted Prison-“Pray For Community Service”
An impressive prison facade stands in the middle of a mall parking lot. Red police beacons flash while a man is electrocuted behind prison bars. This haunt looks promising and for the most part we weren’t left disappointed.

Length-7: It will take less than 10 minutes to escape The Haunted Prison. Just like many of the haunts at Chainsaw Creek, this haunt needs to be extended to have a more impact on visitors. Once you exit the haunt you are craving more fright.

Design-7: The outside facade of The Haunted Prison is pretty impressive. The walls look as if they are made of stone while a poor man is electrocuted behind prison bars. Up above are other evil characters who await you in The Haunted Prison. While the outside facade is quite impressive, the actual Haunted Prison is a let down. The inside of this haunt is way to dark and is screaming out for more detail to be added to the walls. The majority of The Haunted Prison consists of inmates behind bars with a few scenes here and there. You’ll also encounter a large chain maze which you’ll need to navigate around.

Props/Animatronics-7: Most of the props found in The Haunted Prison reflect its theme. Some of the eye candy includes an electric chair, falling floor and much more. There are more impressive props outside of the haunt then there are inside, but the majority of people will be impressed by what they see.

Acting-7: The actors at The Haunted Prison really get into their rules, but once again there aren’t enough of them to fill many of the dark corners you’ll walk through. At one point you’ll have to navigate around a large chain maze inhabited by some scary freaks. One woman crawls with half of her body missing and I wasn’t really sure if it was real or not. But many of the characters you’ll encounter are out of the ordinary at The Haunted Prison.

Scare Effect-7: If you have an extreme fear of the dark and tight spaces then you’ll be in for a treat with The Haunted Prison. But for most people this is a typical haunt with few scares in between.

Fright Value: $10 is high for The Haunted Prison alone, but with a combo ticket for only $20, it’s well worth the price of admission.

Final Stab-7.0: Overall The Haunted Prison is a pretty decent haunt with a lot of potential. If more impressive props are added to the rooms and more details added to the walls, this could be a great haunt. But as of now it’s decent at best.