The Chambers of Horror 2007 Review

The Chambers of Horror- “Fear Survives Here”
Something evil lives in the old Cambridge Inn. Are you ready to face your fears as you navigate around the many dark and tight corridors at The Chambers of Horror? The unspeakable terror within is ready, but will you survive?

Length-9: This year Chambers has added nearly 100 doors you’ll have to find your way out of. Depending on how long you’re locked in the various rooms, it may take anywhere from 20-25 minutes depending on how you navigate around the dark corridors.

Design-7: Hidden doors, secret rooms and passages make up much of Chambers of Horror. While they can be confusing to escape you may accidentally walk into rooms which you aren’t supposed to enter. At one point I walked behind the scenes where an actor was waiting to scare his next victim. And another time I almost walked out the exit 10 minutes before I would complete the haunt. Many rooms have added details, but it’s not dramatic enough to make that big of a difference. You’ll enter a dark and foggy graveyard, bloody meat locker, crazy cafeteria, Freddy’ Boiler Room, Jason Vorhees Forest and much much more. The classic horror film scenes Chambers is known for return with full force.

Props/Animatronics-7: While The Chambers of Horrors doesn’t rely on expensive props they have created some great home made scares. A falling ceiling, moving wall, realistic elevator are a couple of the impressive sights you’ll come across. More realistic props added to certain rooms would definitely take this haunt to a new level.

Acting-8: The actors at Chambers are some of the best in Ohio. Classic characters such as Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, the bloody butchers and more of your favorites return. They are intense and in your face as usual. My only complaint is the overuse of masks over makeup. There is something about an actor wearing realistic makeup or prosthetics that adds to the intensity of the character and gives you an overall more intense experience. At certain points your group may be broken up or you’ll need to choose the correct path or door before you enter into the next scene. The many actors will try to feed off your fears and try to confuse you while you try to escape.

Scare Effect-8: The Chambers of Horror is a dark and sinister haunt that will play on your fears every which way you go. The actors are intense and many scenes are inventive. You’ll have a difficult time not feeling nervous turning the next corner.

Fright Value: $9 is a deal for a haunt that relies more on actors than high tech props and special effects. If you are new to The Chambers of Horror you are in for a treat. You’re fears will be exploited while you’re heart races. Bring a canned good and get a $1 discount. 

Final Stab-7.8: This years Chambers is more intense then last years installment, but there are a few flaws that need to be worked out. A few of the actors are misleading in directing people on where to turn and at points you’ll end up entering into behind the scenes rooms or exit 10 minutes too early. Luckily we were pointed in the right direction eventually. While the actors are as intense as ever, more characters in makeup would increase the intensity. By the looks of the lines Chambers has become a haunt that shouldn’t be missed out on and the new additions are worth a visit.