The Butcher Shop 2007 Review

The Butcher Shop-“Watch Out For The Blood Splattered Butcher
A large modular building stands still waiting for its next victim. The sign says “The Butcher Shop”, but do you dare enter this bloody sanctuary. We were up to the challenge and for the most part we left with a good impression of what could be a great haunt in the future.

Length-7: The Butcher Shop lasts around 10 minutes without too many dead spots that you’ll encounter. Unfortunately there aren’t enough impressive scenes in that time to make that big of an impact. A couple more scenes thrown into the mix would raise this score a couple points.

Design-7: You may have guessed that The Butcher Shop resembles a bloody butcher shop once entering passed its doors. The majority of the scenes consist of blood splattered walls with bloody victims. While the butcher shop theme is being used, more creative scenes would improve this haunt immensely.

Props/Animatronics-7: There aren’t many standout props at The Butcher Shop. Most of the props you’ll come across are either body parts or bloody corpses. Much more could be done with the butcher shop theme than is being done at this haunt.

Acting-7: The actors are intense and up close and personal. But the only problem is that there aren’t enough actors to fill many of the gruesome scenes. Once more actors are implemented The Butcher will be just that more intense.

Scare Effect-7: The Butcher Shop was purchased from 7Floors of Hell and its detailed facade puts you in the mood to be scared right away. A portrait of the 7 Floors of Hell butcher can be seen in the window while a creature corpse bangs against the other. While the actors are intense, many are used for more than one scene and it starts to loose its intensity.

Fright Value: $10 is a bit high for a haunt of this quality, but more than worth cost of admission when buying a combo ticket for only $20.

Final Stab-7.0: I was honestly expecting more out of The Butcher Shop based on its creepy facade. But overall it follows the butcher shop theme, but doesn’t really go to the next level of fright. More could be done with this haunt and the future is bright for The Butcher Shop.