The Black Swamp 2007 Review

The Black Swamp-“Are You Afraid of The Dark”
When you hear the name “The Black Swamp”, what do you think of? I think of a dark and murky swamp inhabited by mysterious swamp creatures. But unfortunately The Black Swamp didn’t measure up to the name it was given and we were left disappointed.

Length-6: The journey through The Black Swamp will take you less than 10 minutes to exit. More scenes incorporated into the haunt would drastically help.

Design-5: While this haunt is supposed to resemble a black swamp, it fails in doing so. The majority of The Black Swamp consists of dark rooms inhabited by frightful creatures. Next year it should be transformed into a large and confusing dark maze instead of trying to have it center around a specific theme.

Props/Animatronics-4: To be honest, there weren’t that many memorable props in The Black Swamp. Too much of this haunt is dimly lit to the point where you can’t tell what is what. When I first heard the name The Black Swamp I was expecting lots of green fog, crossing bridges over murky water and actors dressed as swamp creatures. Unfortunately that’s not what I got.

Acting-4: The actors in this haunt are very aggressive and please don’t accidentally go the wrong direction. While The Black Swamp isn’t supposed to be a dark maze, it feels like it. The whole layout is confusing to navigate around and the actors aren’t very helpful in directing customers where to go.

Scare Effect-4: This isn’t a particularly scary haunt as it is annoying. The actors just ruined the entire experience for me and left a bad lasting impression that won’t soon leave.

Fright Value: $10 is very high for a haunt of this caliber. Please make sure and visit The Butcher Shop and Haunted Prison before standing in line for The Black Swamp.

Final Stab-4.6: I was expecting much more from this haunt and unfortunately I left disappointed. When a haunt is named “The Black Swamp” you expect to experience something similar to a dark and murky swamp. But instead it felt like a haunt that was renamed to make it somewhat fresh and new.