House of the Dead 2007 review

House of The Dead-“The Dead Feast Tonight”

An expansive graveyard awaits you before you enter House of The Dead. The zombies grow restless and the house will consume you if you’re not careful. Are you ready to experience one of the best haunts in Ohio? This is House of The Dead.

Length-9: It will take you nearly 20 minutes to tour the prop filled House of The Dead. There is barely a moment where nothing is happening. Either an acting is busting out of a wall or an impressive animatronic is being activated. This is a haunt that has something to experience ever turn you take.
Design-10: House of The Dead is modeled after an old rotting mansion inhabited by the dead. Before you even enter the haunt you are treated by an impressive graveyard full of detailed props that surrounds the queue line. Once you enter House of The Dead the fun truly begins. House of The Dead is unlike some haunts because it’s designed to have a consistent flow from room to room where it feels like it’s one big scene full of various rooms. Rooms you’ll experience is a cadaver work room, Exorcist levitation bed room, a meat locker and so much more. This is a highly detailed haunt that strikes at all your senses and that includes smell. Some rooms smell so disgusting that they’re almost unbearable. 
Props-10: Hollywood comes home at House of The Dead. The amount of impressive props and animatronics is down right startling and some animatronics you won’t see anywhere else in Ohio. Animatronics include a towering dragon creature, spraying animal busts, moving steps, flying corpses and much more. Their use of Scare Factory, Scare Parts and Unit 70 Studio props is truly appreciated and really showcases what those companies have to offer. If you’re looking for some impressive animatronics look no further than House of The Dead at Terror Town.
Acting-9: House of The Dead relies mostly on high tech scares over high startle actors. But the actors present compliment the detailed scenes and expensive props perfectly. Most of the characters you’ll encounter become the scene or pop out from various walls in the sets. The actors aren’t the highlight of the haunt, the animatronics are.
Scare Effect-10: Terror Town relies mostly on well timed scares. While there are actors that fill a few of the rooms, the props are the star of this haunt. Every corner you turn you’ll experience something that either emerges from darkness or even above your head. You’ll have a hard time not being caught off guard while walking through the decrepit mansion.
Fright Value: $20 is a good deal for 3 uniquely different haunts. You’ll experience a haunted mansion, clown infested fun house and a crumbling cave. But if you show up late please make sure and visit House of The Dead first so you don’t miss this extremely impressive haunt.
Final Stab-9.6: House of The Dead is one of those haunts that has you part of the experience once you wait in the cue line. And once you enter this haunt, you’re blown away. If you’re looking for a Hollywood style haunt that doesn’t skimp out on the eye candy, than House of The Dead is the right haunt for you. With more actors incorporated and a longer tour time, this could be a perfect 10 haunt.