St. Rita’s Haunted House 2011 Review

St. Rita’s Haunted House (Cincinnati, OH)
“You’ll Be Scared Stiff”
By Noah Wullkotte:

St. Rita’s Haunted House is one of the oldest haunts in the nation and one of the most beloved in Ohio. Nearly 30 years ago, this spooky haunt opened its doors to chill seekers in search of a few scares and a night of fun. St. Rita’s was one of the first haunts I had ever visited and still holds a warm place in my heart. I remember about 16 years ago when lines were all the way down the hill and you would have to wait for hours before getting a chance to step foot in the old boy’s dormitory. My old high school was behind St. Rita’s. Landmark Christian Academy may be closed, but I can always remember looking out the window and being able to see St. Rita’s from my desk. Back in the mid 90’s St. Rita’s was still one of the most popular haunts in the greater Cincinnati area, but unfortunately things have changed and this once popular haunt doesn’t garner as much interest as it used to.

It’s still a quality haunt, but times have changed and there’s more competition than ever before. I arrived at the haunt around 8:30 and didn’t expect a big crowd on a Sunday night and I was correct. After walking through the impressive ticket line that resembles ancient ruins, I was ready to experience St. Rtia’s Haunted House since I hadn’t been to this haunt in a few years. My last visit left a sour taste in my mouth and  I was a little reluctant on returning. I honestly wasn’t expecting much from St. Rita’s this year, but boy was I wrong.

The staff was a little freaked out that I wanted to go through the haunt alone, so they made sure everyone knew that I wanted to be scared. It was my turn to enter the old haunted house and I was ready to get the pissed scared out of me. This is the 2011 review of St. Rita’s Haunted House in Evenadale, OH.

The first thing you’ll experience at St. Rita’s this year is the classic vortex tunnel that transports you into another portal of pure terror and panic. Nearly every corner you turn, there’s some type of monster or ghoul lurking in the darkness waiting to attack. The actors may be young, but they’re very enthusiastic and take their job seriously. I would even eventually catch up with a group of young girls who play characters inside the haunt. But, they weren’t acting at the time. They were walking through the attraction for the first time and boy were they petrified of every little thing they encountered. It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever experienced at a haunt. Seeing two tiny girls dressed up in black robes with white makeup on their faces freaking out to the point of falling over is something I won’t soon forget.

St. Rita’s Haunted House is full of scenes that may have you falling over in fear. These include a realistic cavern, Freddy’s catwalk, a disgusting bathroom, a bloody kitchen, funhouse and more. I particularly enjoyed the outside area as you exit. It features actors who blend in with their surroundings. You never know if that statue will come alive or some type of creature will emerge from the shadows. There are quite a few surprises at St. Rita’s that I’m not going to ruin for you. You’ll just need to visit the old haunted house to experience all the terrifying fun.

The admission is $10 which is a little steep considering the haunt is less than 10 minutes long. There is a $3 off coupon available on St. Rita’s website and many group discounts depending on how large your group is. You can even take advantage of the Dark Triangle Combo where you can get into St. Rita’s and USS Nightmare for only $20 a person. Please visit for more information. After you are done touring the haunt, get a bite eat or a refreshing drink at the concessions trailer. All proceeds made from the haunted house go towards the school. So, please visit one of the oldest haunts in the nation and help a great cause.

Length-6  Design-8  Props/Animatronics-7  Acting-8  Scare Effect-8
Final Stab: 7.4