Spooktacular Nights Haunted Hayride

Spooktacular Nights Haunted Hayride-“Farm Raised Horror”
Rockin’-R-Ranch will be celebrating its 19th year of haunting Columbia Station, OH. New this year is the Old West Pumpkin Fest which features live shows, pumpkin painting, a Petting Farm and more. You can find out more about this event by visiting www.clevelandhayride.com. We were ready to experience this famous hayride and for the most part we walked away not dissapointed.

Length-9: Your ride on a wagon through scenes or terror and mayhem will take around 20 minutes. There are few dead spots and always spooky fun waiting for you around the corner.

Design-8: Spooktacular Nights is a unique haunted hayride in the way it’s designed. You will start off going past various scenes and when you think it’s over you turn around to experience the rest of the haunt on the other side. This wrap around technique is used to add length and so there is less area having to be used. Once you are done wrapping around scenes you will enter their famous Haunted Barn. Scenes you’ll enter are the worksite, mad scientist’s laboaratory, the Sleeping Giant and more. Some scenes rely a little too much on the use of animatronics, but are effective none the less.

Props/Animatronics-9: When you first arrive at Spooktacular Nights you will see a large inflatable ghost that is being internally lit up by a strobe light. There’s even a massive pumpkin creature that is pretty impressive for being homemade. Once you are on the wagon you’ll experience a variety of frightening props. These include a toilet that shoots fire, a massive rising pumpkin king that breathes fire, a Distortions Unlimited Sleeping Giant, a chained up prisoner and some props you won’t experience at any other hayride in Ohio. The addition of some farm equipment such as a run away hearse or headless horseman would help, but isn’t necessary.

Acting-8: The acting is good, but could be better. Since you are very close to some scenes the actors are very up close and personal. Actors jumping on the wagon would help the experience be more intense and so would better costuming and makeup. The most impressive character you’ll face is the mutant creature inside the barn. Even though his dialogue is from a soundtrack played on a CD player, it’s still very creepy how He  comes after people on the wagon. The costume this actor uses is from the world famous company Morris Costumes. Since you will be seeing the same scenes twice you’ll also be experiencing some of the same actors which is either a good thing or bad thing depending on their performances that night.

Scare Effect-8: This is a traditional haunted hayride with a few unique elements thrown in. This includes high tech animatronics, homemade props and some unusual scenes you won’t see anywhere else. There are some scary and tense moments such as when you are locked inside the barn not knowing what is going to happen next in the darkness.

Customer Service: The people who run Spooktacular Nights are as nice as can be and are really on top of things. The parking is absolutely free, but can be quite muddy after it’s rained. There’s a variety of concessions available from food to drinks, a Halloween Store and lots of entertainment on the grounds. If you are not into the scary stuff you can visit during the day for their Pumpkin Festival or Wild West Shows that are performed on the deck of a very detailed facade.

Fright Value: You can experience all four attractions at Spooktacular Nights for only $16 or pick and choose a smaller package for only $12. Where else can you get a deal like that when some hayrides are charging $15 for just one attraction.

Final Stab-8.4: This is a good classic hayride with some unique elements that you won’t see at many other places in Ohio. This includes the use of intense fire, massive homemade animatronics and props, and a wrap around technique you rarely see at haunts. If you are looking for a haunt that you can bring the entire family too then Spooktacular Nights Haunted Hayride is one of your best bets.