The Slaughterhouse Night shift 2008 Review

The Slaughterhouse Night Shift-“You’ll Wish For Daylight”
Slaughterhouse Night Shift introduces a new concept in the haunt world. Customers are given flashlights which are activated by actors inside the haunt. These flashlights simulate batteries going dead, an increase in brightness and other effects. This creates a very haunting experience since you are not in control of what you’ll see next and are left anticipating what comes next.

Length-9: Your dark adventure through the Slaughterhouse Night Shift will take around 20 minutes to complete. There are very few spots where little is going on and always something that is activated when your flash light mysteriously turns on.
Design-8: Many of the rooms you’ll enter can’t be seen until your flashlight is activated by a near by actor. This creates an effect where you least expect what is going to happen next. Most of Slaughterhouse Night Shift resembles an old Slaughterhouse that has been taken over by butchers, maniacs and violent mutants. This is a very unique haunt that relies on navigation and how well your flashlight works.
Props/Animatronics-8: Slaughterhouse Night Shift is full of some pretty impressive animated props that are activated at the exact moment your flashlight turns on. This includes many Unit 70 Studio props that are both gory and detailed at the same time. You’ll experience victims being tortured, creatures that spray water, slaughtered pigs and much more. It’s very different seeing this props in almost pitch black darkness only being lit by the light from a flashlight.
Acting-7: Slaughterhouse Night Shift relies mostly on its creepy atmosphere rather than its actors. The majority of actors you’ll encounter have costumes that reflect the slaughterhouse theme. But it would be nice to have some more intense characters besides Leatherface at the end of your tour.
Scare Effect-8: Slaughterhouse Night Shift is a very suspenseful haunt because you are not in control of your destiny. Walking in pitch black darkness is a very strange experience. Make sure the person leading your group can be trust worthy because they’ll be the one holding the flash light. And if they freak out you’re in a heap of trouble.
Fright Value: Slaughterhouse Night Shift is part of the $20 combo ticket. Make sure and print out the $3 off coupon available at so you’ll only be paying $17 a ticket for 4 quality attractions.
Final Stab-8.0: Slaughter House Night Shift is a very unique haunt because you are only relying on the dim lighting from a flashlight. You’re unaware of what is hiding in the darkness and are in the hands of whoever is activating the flashlight. Make sure and purchase a combo ticket so you can experience this one of a kind haunt.