The ScareFactory Scam

By Noah Wullkotte

The haunt industry is a vast jungle full of eye candy as far as the eye can see. It’s a haunter’s paradise with everything from air brush makeup to animated monsters. There are a lot of hard working vendors such as Gore Galore, Unit 70 Studios, Distortions Unlimited, Ghost Ride Productions Poison Props and many others. But not all companies are created equal. There’s a few that take advantage of haunters and the leader of the pack is none other than The ScareFactory.

Since 1997, ScareFactory has resided in Central Ohio and they’re a big part of what makes the Transworld Halloween & Attractions Show in St. Louis, MO so special. Nearly half of the Dark Zone is littered with ScareFactory props. This is a company that designs over the top haunted attractions and custom creatures. They’re famous for their eye catching props and infamous for their horrible customer service and poorly built products. You could say that it’s quite criminal. The Better Business Berau gave them an F and the internet is flooded with bad reviews.

Many haunts have to rebuild their animatronics once they’re delivered because of poor welding, cheap parts and more. They’re literally falling apart half of the time. If you go to the Transworld Halloween & Attractions Show, you’re bound to see a few of their props not working properly. The ScareFactory is notorious for ripping customers off by not delivering their products and keeping the money. The IAPA convention has even banned them from ever being a vendor due to complaint after complaint they’ve received. Many customers have tried to get in contact with their president Dave Fachman, but were ultimately ignored.

The ScareFactory is an example of a company that takes advantage of those who don’t know better. This is a company that’s been locked out of their building by the local sheriff numerous times and they’ve been involved in more than one lawsuit. This is a company that has cut corners for many years and aren’t ashamed of it. In 2000, they built a haunted castle for the Ohio State Fair. It was so unsafe that the fair had to hire firemen to be there at all times so the attraction wouldn’t go up flames.

ScareFactory should be ashamed of themselves and hopefully some haunter who’s hypnotized by their animatronics just does a Google search before hand to see what they’re all about. Sadly, ScareFactory is probably the most well known prop company in the haunt industry. They have some of the coolest looking props, but they’re con artists. Hell, they’ve even had a short lived show in 2008 on the History Channel called Surviving History. It focused on the owner and staff building ancient devices.

Will The ScareFactory change their ways? It’s doubtful. Will there be more victims who fall for their scam? It’s very likely. The ScareFactory should be banished from the haunt industry forever and I hope that at least one person reads this article and it stops them from ordering a prop from this shady company.