Sandyland Acres Haunted Hayride 2010 Review

Sandyland Acres Haunted Hayride-“Full Moon Fright”
Genre: Haunted Hayride
Location: 4172 Belleview Rd
Petersburg, Ky 41080

Runtime: 25-30 min
Sandyland Acres is one of those haunts where you can relax and enjoy getting scared while on a comfy haywagon There’s always something special that the creators have added to make your trip out to Petersburg worth it. It was a bit warm the night we visited and the moon was full. Will we survive the sinister fields of Sandyland Acres or will we become one with the corn?
This is City Blood’s 2010 review of Sandlyland Acres Haunted Hayride.
What’s Good About The Haunt?
When you visit Sandyland Acres, it’s like stepping back into your favorite classic horror flicks. Movies include A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday The 13th, Psycho, Motel Hell, Pumpkinhead and other classics. It’s obvious from the start that the owners are huge horror movie buffs because they try to make each scene as authentic as possible. Freddy Krueger’s Boiler room has actual pipes that leak fog and Jason’s cabin features a chimney that shoots smoke from the top. If you are a fan of the classics, you are in for a fun ride at Sandyland Acres.
This year’s cornfield is much narrower with more scarecrows and monsters hidden in the corn. This is an area that people expect from Sandyland Acres, but there are many new scenes that have been added for 2010. The biggest addition is the brand new Santa Clause living room scene. At first I thought this was modeled after a scene from Silent Night Dead Night, but co-owner Brenda Webb informed me it was from an episode of Tales From The Crypt. I won’t give away anything about this unique scene, but all I can say is that it’s shocking and funny all at once. Sanyland Acres is the only haunted hayride I’ve been to that incorporates both classic scenes like the galloping headless horseman and well known horror movies that people enjoy every Halloween season.
What’s Bad About The Haunt?
Some of the scenes just aren’t that effective. You’ll notice this with the brand new Snakes on A Wagon scene which is a throw off of Snakes on A Plane starring Samuel Jackson. You’ll slowly drive past a projected image that says “Snakes on A Wagon. You’ll have no clue what this means until you go underneath a wooden underpass. Suddenly a ghoulish character from above slowly drops a bag of snakes onto the wagon. It’s very ineffective and very corny. Most people will notice the actor before He even drops the snakes.
Another scene that should be eliminated from the hayride is the Bates Motel. The actor portraying Norman Bates looks nothing like Anthony Perkins and is just too aggressive. Hopefully a different actor is used in the future or the scene is replaced with something from the classic “Halloween”. Halloween was used in the past, but has since been replaced with A Nightmare on Elm Street. It all depends on which movie out of the two is most relavent at the moment. A few scenes have also been altered such as the Headless Horseman area of the hayride. In previous years you were driven into a wide open field when suddenly a Headless Horseman would ride along the side of the wagon. This year he is in the cornfield. He’s more visible, but has little room to get close to the customers.
Sandyland Acres has some intense parts such as the new car chase that features a hot rod shooting blue flames from its top. But then there are areas that need some work like the exit of Sandyland Acres. In previous years the wagon was chased by Leatherface wielding a gas powered chainsaw. It was memorable, but now the finish is pretty dull. The clown scene should be outside and similar to how it was when it was modeled after the cult classic Killer Clowns. The scene that’s currently there is very ineffective.
Customer Service:
You’ll find that there’s a variety of concessions from delicious snacks and soda to some great looking Sandyland Acres T-Shirts. So buy a cold one and get some tasty treats at Sandyland Acres. Also don’t forget that you can get your picture taken with their official mascot Mortimer Sneed at the photo stage.
The ticket price has increased $2 this year, but this is still the going rate for many haunted hayrides. Unfortunately no coupons are available on their website.
Final Thoughts:
Sandyland Acres is one of those haunts you can bring the entire family to without worrying that it’s going to traumatize your child. There are plenty scenes that are intense and some scenes that are just downright fun. This is one of the best hayrides you’ll come across and a damn good time. Pay a visit to Sandyland Acres and tell them City Blood sent you.
Length-10     Design-8     Props/Animatronics-8     Acting-8     Scare Effect-8
Official Score – 8.4
Fun Facts:
*Owner Gene Webb plays Freddy Krueger.