Rage In The Cage 2007 Review

Rage In The Cage-“The Wolves Come Out Tonight”
A large sign says Rage In The Cage. We decided to wait in line and we were pleasantly surprised at how good it was. Typically these types of mazes are mediocre, but Rage In The Cage was different in many ways.

Length-8: It will take 10-15 minutes depending on which turns you take throughout the cage maze. While it’s not confusing, it can be disorienting.
Design-7: This is your typical cage maze with a few scenes thrown into the mix. The only problem with this haunt is that it’s way too easy to escape the maze. More twists, turns and dead ends need to be incorporated into the maze to make it more confusing. At one point you’ll venture outside thinking that you’ve escaped and then a minute later you’re brought inside once again.
Props/Animatronics-6: There are very few props in this chain maze, but the ones that are present compliment the scenes they’re in. More decor needs to be added to this haunt to make it worth the price of admission on its own. The addition of the werewolf actors holding boding parts could add to this score.
Acting-9: Many haunted mazes skimp on the actors, but this isn’t the case with Rage In The Cage. Tonight the maze was inhabited by werewolves who would howl as you passed them by. Other characters you’ll encounter is an old man with a walker, crazed creatures and more. The actors really make this somewhat average maze come alive.
Scare Effect-8: While this maze isn’t very confusing, the actors never come out of character. They’re all over the maze and stop at nothing to scare the socks off of you. When more twists, turns and dead ends are added to this maze, it could be an incredible haunt.
Fright Value: $10 is a little steep for a haunt of this caliber. Please make sure and purchase a combo ticket for $15 to get admission The Haunted Hydro and Rage In The Cage.
Final Stab-7.6: Rage In The Cage is much different from other cage mazes I’ve been through. Many just rely on the maze for scares while this haunt incorporates great acting into the mix with a few scenes here and there. If you are purchasing a ticket for The Haunted Hydro please make sure it’s a combo so you can walk through this unique cage maze.