Pitch Black 2007 Review

Pitch Black-“Fear Comes Alive in the Dark”

Many people fear the dark. What lies in the darkness and will you ever be the same after you escape. Pitch Black exploits that fear and takes it to the next level. Will you be ready for one of the best dark mazes around? Get ready for Pitch Black.

Length-9: Depending on how well you navigate dark mazes, it may take you 20 minutes or over an hour before you find the exit at Pitch Black.

Design-9: You will have a tough time finding a larger maze of its kind anywhere. This is a 30,000 square feet pitch black dark maze with twists and turns that will freak many out. If you become separated from your group it may take you a while before you escape the darkness which is Pitch Black. Once you find your self out of Pitch Black you’ll have to enter into a massive cage maze inhabited by many freakish actors waiting to confuse you on which way to go.

Props/Animatronics-5: This is a pitch black dark maze that doesn’t rely on props of any kind. Instead it strikes fear by using audio effects, water, electricity and much more to help or confuse those who enter the massive maze. The only prop you’ll come across is the confusing chain maze that disorients by using many fog lights that flash and reflect off the metal. The chain maze is dying to have animatronics incorporated into its design to scare and startle people who dare enter.

Acting-6: Pitch Black only contains one actor, but the cage maze is full of crazed lunatics waiting to point you in the wrong directions on where to go. More actors incorporated into Pitch Black would take the intensity of this maze to another level.

Scare Effect-9: Many people have a fear of the dark and Pitch Black exploits that fear to the fullest. Rather you’re new to haunts or not, Pitch Black will scare and confuse you.

Fright Value: $15 is a bit high for just a haunted maze. Please make sure to pay for a combo ticket so you get all 3 haunts for the price of $25. If you include the Cage Maze as a haunt, that’s 4 haunts for the price of one. You’ll have a hard time finding a better deal anywhere.

Final Stab-7.6: Pitch Black returns with a few new tricks up its sleeve. If you have a strong fear of the dark or getting lost while by yourself, then Pitch Black may be the haunt for you. Please make sure and get a combo ticket for the price of $25 for a night of fright and fun.