Pitch Black 2008 Review

Pitch Black-“Is This The Right Way?”
What lurks in the darkness and will you survive? Pitch Black returns for another year of mind numbing scares and frightful fun in the dark. While there haven’t been many drastic changes made, it’s still as fun as ever and gets better each and every turn you make.

Length-10: You will be lost in the darkness for at least 20 minutes or longer. It just depends on how well you can find the exit without being able to see your hand in front of you.

Design-8: The first half of Pitch Black consists of a massive dark maze which is extremely difficult to navigate. There are so many twists, turns and dead ends that it’s unbelievable. After you find you way out of Pitch Black you’ll be enter The Cage Maze. While this maze isn’t too difficult to navigate, It’s fun and very disorienting due to the flashing strobes and fog.

Props-7: You won’t find much in the way of props to gawk at, but what would you expect when the haunt is called Pitch Black. To incorporate props into this haunt would ruin the entire effect of being lost in complete darkness. The second half of Pitch contains a massive steel cage that has been constructed to confuse, confine and bewilder.

Acting-6: The biggest area Pitch Black needs to work on is its acting. The first half of this haunt probably has 5 actors at the most. And when you are unable to see the actor you are unable to view their makeup and costuming if there is any. But once you escape Pitch Black you’ll be entering into the Cage Maze which contains several psychopaths roaming around ready to frighten you at any given moment.

Scare Effect-9: Being lost in the darkness for 20 minutes can be a frightening experience to say the least. You have no idea where you are, who you just bumped into or if you’ll ever find your way out. And finally when you think you’ve found something new you realize that you were at the same spot 5 minutes ago. If you have a fear of the dark you’re in for a treat.

Fright Value: This is a very fun maze, but $15 is a tad bit high for a dark maze and steel cage maze that have been combined. $10 seems like it would be a more reasonable price for a haunt of this caliber. Make sure and purchase a $25 combo ticket so you experience all the haunts at the Industrial Nightmare complex.

Final Stab-8.0: Pitch Black is simply one of the best dark mazes we’ve ever been to. It’s well designed, somewhat creative and it’s a very fun experience. Make sure and take a trip out to Jerfferonville Indiana this Halloween season to experience Pitch Black.