Ohio Fear Farm Interview

This interview covers one of the newest haunts to hit Ohio. It’s called Ohio Fear Farm and it’s shaping up to be a spooky good time.

How are you involved with Ohio Fear Farm?

I, Alayna Taylor, along with my husband Daylon founded and operate the haunt. We started in 2020 on a whim when we had access to a hayride wagon, and threw our haunt together in a week’s time. Since then it has grown and we are both active in playing character roles each night as well.

What can people expect to see this season at Ohio Fear Farm?

Without giving too many spoilers- we have returning crowd favorites, along with several new ideas original to Ohio Fear Farm.

What type of haunt is Ohio Fear Farm and how is it different from the competition?

Ohio Fear Farm is a haunted hayride experience, where you are not only being frightened on the ride, but the moment you step out of your car, expect to be scared! Our ride is different every year, never the same path, since we have to work around our crops. We operate on a fully operational family farm, that by day is a child friendly educational and witty hayride, but by night, the tables shift.

Why did you change your name from After Hours Hayride to Ohio Fear Farm?

When we originally started our hayride, we needed a name quickly and came up with After Hours without much thought. We underwent a total rebrand this season, that started with a new name, new logo, and a new target audience.

What is your primary demographic? Is it families, teenagers or a mixture that will visit the haunt?

We are definitely targeting an older audience this year. In year’s past, we have had kids as young as infants, toddlers and young children ride. Some of the scenes weren’t intense enough for teens and haunt junkies, so we wanted to cater to those seeking a thrill. Families can always join us for our non-scary day time hayrides.

Where do you see Ohio Fear Farm 10 years from now?

We hope to be able to move onto another one of our farm’s properties, that includes a more wooded scenery, creek and secluded terrain- away from a state highway. This will allow for more expansion, into a more detailed ride experience, along with trails and other attractions.

What memories of Halloween do you have from childhood?

Daylon grew up loving Halloween, in fact, he always dreamed of owning “the baddest” haunt around. He went to his first haunted house at age 3 and has been hooked ever since. I on the other hand, am the BIGGEST scaredy-cat, never went to a haunt until we started dating at age 20, and now I somehow have one of the scariest, most popular characters at our haunt. For me, Halloween was all about pumpkins and harvest, because my family does a large pumpkin business in the fall.

What would you change about Ohio Fear Farm?

If we could somehow keep the convenience of our current location, but make the setting more wooded, eerie and secluded- we would be in great shape!

Tell us about some of the scary characters at Ohio Fear Farm?

We don’t want to spill too much juice on who is coming back this year, and who we’ve created for the new Ohio Fear Farm, but rest assured one of our most sought-after characters, Dolly, will be back. This time, visitors will have the chance to get up close and personal with Dolly, and meet the creepy doll who gives hundreds of people nightmares, every year- on select nights.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about Ohio Fear Farm?

We encourage everyone to come out and see for themselves what makes us unique. We are known for our efficiency with multiple wagons, which results in shorter wait times.

For information on Ohio Fear Farm, please visit www.facebook.com/ohiofearfarm. Ohio Fear Farm is located at 6716 Hamilton Lebanon Rd Middletown, OH 45044.