Netherworld Haunted House 2009 Review 1

Our trip down to Norcross, Georgia took nearly 8 hours. But it was more than worth it to be able to experience the one and only Netherworld Haunted House. Netherworld is known as being the best haunted house in the nation and has been an inspiration for many people getting into the haunt industry. This over the top haunt has really gained a reputation for having some of the best queue line actors, incredible set design and amazing decor that will have you scared lifeless.
After hours of driving we finally made it to Norcross Georgia and had to see what this world famous haunt looked like during the day before we went to experience it during the night. To our surprise it wasn’t all that impressive. When you enter the parking lot you’ll encounter a large jack-o’-lantern prop and will see a large billboard that says Netherworld Haunted House. There is a gate blocking off the entrance down the hill. Apparently Netherworld takes place inside a Wholesale Carpet Mart that is attached to a Kenwood Audio and Video Store. There wasn’t any facade to speak of, but a few things off to the side such as a Netherworld trailer and monster statue.
But once the sun sets and the haunted house opens, the entire event takes on a new look. Before you even enter the parking lot a large flood light is visible from a mile away pointing the direction to Netherworld Haunted House. Once you park your car the true terror begins. Many actors dressed in elaborate costumes terrorize their victims waiting in line while a machine shooting fog rings can be seen next to customers waiting to enter Blood Night. Surprisingly next to the line is a large elaborate cemetery that is home to Scare Factory’s headless horseman. This cemetery could be better lit, but adds to the ambience of the attraction either way. 
Down the hill the Wholesale Carpet Mart building is illuminated with projected images of Netherworld’s iconic characters. This is the first time I’ve seen a haunt do this and it really gives a place a big event feel to it. We were ready to experience the haunts at Netherworld so we purchased our combo tickets and we were on our way. The first haunt of the night was Zombie Rampage, but you want to hear about Netherworld’s main haunt, Blood Night first.
This is the review of Blood Night at Netherworld Haunted House.
Length-9: It will take close to 25 minutes to escape the terror that’s within Blood Night. Nearly every inch of this incredible haunt has something frightening or off the wall waiting for you around the corner. There are very few dead spots or dark corners that have been added to just lengthen the experience. This is a lengthy haunt that has something that will catch your sick and twisted interest in just about every room/scene.
Design-10: Blood Night is awe inspiring. Nearly every single inch of this haunt is covered with meticulous detail and set pieces that will blow your mind. There are some haunts that have certain scenes that just make your head spin, but at Blood Night the entire experience is immersive and jaw dropping. The first scene involves Safe Labs laboratory where you are transported into another dimension through a custom vortex tunnell known as the Time Tunnell that features two sections spinning in opposite directions. From there you’ll enter various scenes that Hollywood would be jealous of.
These include a haunted mansion full of vampiresses, dark and twisted corridors, a mirror maze, a room that is made to look and feel like a beating heart, a twisted coffin room, cemetery with living statues, a haunted play den and everything you’ve come to expect from Netherworld. There is even a scene where you’ll walk across a bridge and suddenly the entire room will start swaying back and forth as if there was a violent earth quake. It’s intense, innovative and frightening just like the rest of this incredible haunt.
Props/Animatronics-10: What else can be said, but wow? The shear amount of high tech animatronics and detailed set pieces are quite impressive. But while there are some props you’ve seen at other attractions, the majority of decor is unique to Blood Night. Where else can you experience a wall that resembles a beating heart or massive ghoul like creature with menacing eyes that is about to attack? Props include a large attacking werewolf, a modified Impaler, a talking CGI bust, a massive Rock Monster, a water spraying pig head, 2 large vortex tunells, haunted dolls and so much that there isn’t enough time to take everything in. It’s a sensory overload at its best.
When you exit make sure to stay close to the wall so you are able to be attacked by the prehistoric dinosaur that’s hidden in the wall. This effect was first made popular by Erebus Haunted Attraction in Pontiac Michigan, but is also a great addition to Blood Night. Blood Night is the most technically advanced haunt I’ve experienced and blows away the competition in terms of design.
Props found in Blood Night are from companies such as Scare Factory, Haunt Visions, Ghost Ride Productions, Fright Props, Night Frights and others.
Acting-10: From the moment you arrive you’ll be surrounded by a dark army of the best queue line actors in the industry. Netherworld got their inspiration from Bloodview Haunted House in Broadview Heights, Ohio. Bloodview Haunted House uses an acting troupe known as The Legion of Terror and these group of actors are some of the best in the industry. While you’re in the parking lot you’ll encounter a werewolf, a startled scientist, sexy vampiresses, a lizard creature, scary porcelain baby doll, a zombie who mimics you, a massive clawed creature and even Netherworld’s spokes person, The Collector. He’s an interesting character that is played by the owner, Ben Armstrong.
Many of these queue line actors wear elaborate costumes from Gore Galore and silicone masks from companies such as SPFX Masks and Composite Effects. Some of these grotesque monsters even wear on their knees what are known as Sliders. This costume accessory creates a unique effect that helps actors slide across concrete surface and it’s pretty entertaining seeing sparks fly from underneath their knees. Sliders were first popularized at Knott’s Scary Farm Halloween Haunt in Buena Park, California. It’s very entertaining watching how people react to these monsters. Some will scream, some will laugh and others will get their pictures taken holding on to these beasts.
Once you step inside Blood Night you’ll come face to face with creatures that can only be found in the darkest corners of Hell. No matter where you are, you aren’t safe. Since many of Blood Night’s actors are hidden within sets and even fly over your head, there’s no place to hide. So in order to get the full Blood Night experience please make sure to pay attention to your surroundings so you don’t miss a thing. You might be paying attention to a large animatronic and totally miss the actor that is gliding across the zipline or the vampire that is busting out of his coffin.
The actors you’ll encounter at Blood Night are very different from some you’ll see at other haunts. This is because many use what are known as shaker cans. These are tin cans that are full of metal beads or screws that make a loud noise when shaken by an actor. It’s a simple prop, but effective when used properly. Netherworld is known for some of the best actors in the industry and rightfully so. Their costumes are realistic. Their makeup and prostethics are disgusting and you rarely see an actor who is wearing a cheap rubber mask. You might encounter someone wearing a fancy silicone mask from SPFX Masks or Composite Effects, but nothing that can be easily bought at your local Halloween store.
Scare Effect-9: Blood Night is a truly special haunt that has you scared of what may be lurking in the next room. Almost 100% of this attraction has some type of jaw dropping animatronic or crazy actor that emerges when you least expect it. There really is nowhere to escape the madness since many of the scares come from overhead, camoflauged in sets and anywhere and everywhere. If the large amount of queue line characters don’t catch you off guard when you first arrive, the intense nature of Blood Night will get your blood boiling. One of the few downfalls Netherworld has is its crowd control. While they only let a few people through at a time, there still ends up being some congestion between scenes and this hurts how scary Netherworld could truly be.
Customer Service: Once you arrive at Netherworld you will notice right away that the parking is completely free and safe for that matter. Unfortunately there aren’t any parking attendants pointing you in the right direction on where to park. It’s not necessary, but is welcomed. The staff is very friendly and there are plenty of employees walking around making sure everything is going right. They’ll answer any question you may have and are willing to help. You will notice right away that Netherworld has a small gift shop selling t-shirts, The Collector Bobble Head, Zombie Rampage Energy Drink, water bottles and more.
If you are to purchase a certain amount of goods you will receive some free items promoting the new CW show, The Vampire Diaries. This includes small foam garlic, bottle of fake blood, a glass mug and more. If you add hot liquid to the mug, it begins to bleed. Unfortunately if you are hungry or thirsty you are going to be out of luck. There wasn’t one single food or drink item being sold. Considering how famous this haunt is you would expect there to be a huge variety of food being sold like other lesser known haunts sell, but not a single booth or trailer was set up. Hopefully down the hill where a clown inflatable was set up is where concessions are normally sold throughout October, but the night I visited Netherworld this area was empty.
Fright Value: For only $20 you can experience the nation’s most over the top haunt. Yes, this is a high ticket price for haunting entertainment, but it’s well worth it considering how amazing Blood Night truly is. For $25 you can purchase a combo ticket to experience the main haunt Blood Night and the brand new haunt Zombie Rampage. Strangely there isn’t an option to just purchase a ticket for Zombie Rampage. The most likely reason for this is because Zombie Rampage pales in comparison to Blood Night and isn’t worth a $20 ticket price by itself. But either way it’s a great deal when you go with the combo ticket.
Final Stab-9.6: There isn’t much to say about Blood Night, but wow. This is the most over the top, elaborate haunted attraction I’ve ever experienced. While it may not have the greatest location and a building that’s far from looking haunted, it’s a downright awe inspiring haunt to say the least. People travel from miles and miles to experience this haunt and rightfully so. Blood Night has an incredible cast of actors, amazing set design and the best props the industry has to offer. This is the one and only Blood Night at Netherworld Haunted House where monsters dwell.