Midnight Syndicate: Monsters of Legend Review

Midnight Syndicate: Monsters of Legend Review

By Noah Wullkotte

Midnight Syndicate returns with its 16th album called Monsters of Legend. Since 1997 these masters of macabre have brought fright seekers the best in Halloween and Gothic Music. Monsters of Legend is a tribute to classic horror movies of the black and white era and other legendary fright films from the golden age of horror. These are the films that inspired horror flicks of today’s generation.

You might be asking yourself. What makes this so different from Midnight Syndicate’s previous albums? For starters, many of its tracks incorporate spooky sound effects that help tell a story. Everything from tree frogs and crickets to crows, werewolves and bats saturate over 60 minutes of hauntingly beautiful music.

Track 11 titled Carriage Ride takes listenters on a journey to Dracula’s castle. It’s a bumpy ride on your way to meet the prince of darkness and his creatures of the night. Will you enjoy your stay at Dracula’s Castle or become one of his mindless blood suckers?

Monsters of Legend breathes new life into tracks from previous albums like Realm of Shadows and Born of the Night. Twilight from Realm of Shadows features the angelic voices of a choir and hypnotic bells that will transport you to another place in time. Dark Tower from Born of the Night lets you relive the battle between good and evil with a dramatic finale. Look beyond the album’s titles to find a deeper meaning behind the tracks.

Listeners will interpret the meaning of the tracks in their own way and connect them with their favorite classic horror movies. Track 16: Lord of the Realm plays homage to the Twilight Zone by using an altered version of its theme song. Track 12: Stone Guardians sounds like it was inspired by Disney’s Haunted Mansion. Each track tells its own story. You will come face to face with Frankenstein’s monster, Wolfman and of course the one and only Dracula.

Monsters of Legend is one of Midnight Syndicate’s best albums to date and features great stories told through the art of music. The icons of horror are brought to the forefront and have been unleashed upon the listeners of this horrorfying cd. City Blood highly recommends Monsters of Legend. It’s sure to be a great addition to your haunted attraction and an incredible soundscape for your Halloween party or event.

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