The Mayhem Mansion 2015 Review

The Mayhem Mansion (Morning View, KY)

“A Spirited Past Awakens”
By Noah Wullkotte:

Enter the window of a 1920’s mansion and explore the haunted rooms of The Mayhem Mansion. The Mayhem Mansion is a very physical haunt. Actors grab your shoulders, touch your head and yell in your face. They come from all directions and are there when you least expect them. You might think that there’s no way out until a door mysteriously opens. The Mayhem Mansion follows the story of Robert Haverford and his unfortunate demise. Click here to watch a short video that details the happenings inside the mansion.

The Mayhem Mansion does a fine job at sticking to a theme. The haunt takes place during the prohibition era and you’re not going to find a single animatronic. It wouldn’t make sense to have them since they didn’t exist in that time period. The library has any angry gentleman who throws books at the wall. You’ll explore the wine cellar that’s dark and dusty. Characters wear period clothing which adds authenticity to the haunt. Grandma is an expert using her sewing needles and wants to stab you to death.

Dinner has been served and you’re on tonight’s menu. A cannibal wearing a robe rubbed two knives together as she licked her lips. She could smell my fear and she was very hungry. The old fashioned bar was serving up blood for the evening and the only way out is if you take a sip or give the bar maid a tip. The blood tasted like black licorice.

The Mayhem Mansion has some killer characters. Because of the bad weather, Haverford’s Hollow Trail was closed. That’s why Reemus could be seen entertaining the queue line. He’s got to be the most convincing hillbilly we’ve ever seen. He walks around holding a shot gun that goes off without notice. He’s definitely an intimidating character.

The Mayhem Mansion has a few child actors and they’re great. You’ll be creeped out by quite a few of the characters. A crazed psycho wants to find you the perfect body bag and the priest inside the funeral wake wants you to pay respects to Elizabeth. You’ll meet her soon enough.

The Mayhem Mansion has its unique take on typical rooms such as a laboratory, meat locker and more. There are also scenes like the old fashioned theater that takes you back to the 1920’s when times were much simpler. It took us 25 minutes to survive The Mayhem Mansion and we weren’t walking at a snail’s pace.

Tickets are $14 a piece for The Mayhem Mansion and $10 for Haverford’s Hollow Trail. Children 10 and under pay $8 for each attraction. Fast Pass tickets are $5 for one attraction and $8 for 2. Combo Passes are $20 and $26 with a Fast Pass. The Mayhem Mansion goes extreme on Extreme Night on Saturday, November 7th. Tickets are $20 and you must provide ID to show that you’re at least 18 years of age.

The Mayhem Mansion has an objective and that’s to scare the crap out of you. The building itself looks haunted and the actual haunt will give you chills. The Mayhem Mansion is truly bone chilling and you’ll have a great time.

Length-9  Design-8  Props/Animatronics-7  Acting-9  Scare Effect-9
Final Stab: 8.4