Mayhem Mansion Haunted Attractions 2011 Review

Mayhem Mansion Haunted Attractions
“Prohibition Was Never So Haunting”
By Noah Wullkotte:

Mayhem Mansion in Morning View, KY is an old school haunt at heart and doesn’t feature one single animatronic. Their main priority is scaring you to death with their intense actors and scary scenes. This is an intense haunt with hidden doors, secret passageways and many surprises. Mayhem Mansion is in the middle of Morning View, Kentucky and deep into the darkness. You are literally in the middle of nowhere and this alone is scary. This bone chilling haunt takes place in a supposedly haunted house. Recorded evidence can be viewed in the queue line movie before you enter the haunt.

This well put together video tells the horrific story of Robert Haverford and his distillery that he built in the cellar of his home. He began to bootleg and made a fortune while alcohol was being banned during prohibition. After his daughter’s mysterious death, he held Elizabeth’s funeral in the house. On the night of her wake, he gathered his guests and began to serve them his special liquor. Guests became ill and his final task was to take his own life. The home was abandoned and the spirits would roam the dark hallways of Mayhem Mansion. They still do to this day. Are you prepared to enter Mayhem Mansion at Kenton Lakes Sportsplex or will you become one of the restless spirits that haunt the old house?

Mayhem Mansion has one of the spookiest locations for a haunt. You’ll begin your tour by entering the mansion’s window. From that point, you’ll enter scenes like a haunted tea party, grandma’s sewing room, a morgue with a man eating ghoul, etc. The actors at Mayhem Mansion will touch and grab you as you make it through some intense areas. One of the more intense sections of Mayhem Mansion is the invisible floor. You’ll walk across a plexiglass floor with a skeleton on the ground below. It replicates the feeling of walking on thin air before falling to your death. Whatever you do, don’t look down.

Mayhem Mansion has some of the best actors you’ll see all year. Quite a few are young, but they’re just as good as their adult counterparts. This is rare for a haunt. There were many times where I had a chill running down my back because of an actor screaming in my face or slightly brushing against my clothes. This place feels haunted and the actors add to its haunted history.

Rooms that co inside with the storyline include the blood bar where guests were given deadly liquor and ultimately became one of the dead. The movie theater where guests watched the newest movies at Elizabeth’s wake can also be experienced and has some interesting people who show up to pay their respect. Mayhem Mansion does a great job tying together its ghost story with its well designed scenes.

This isn’t your big budget haunt that spends thousands on animatronics. This isn’t to say that the haunt doesn’t have great props. It does, but their purpose is to help further develop the storyline and create a great atmosphere. If you’re a fan of old school haunting, then Mayhem Mansion may fit the bill. It’s a throwback to how haunts used to be before the big advancements in technology. It’s downright scary and that should be good enough for anyone looking for some good scares.

After we were finished with Mayhem Mansion we walked a little to get to Haverford’s Hollow Trail. You know that you’re in the country when a skunk can be seen wondering around the parking lot getting ready to spray. I’ve had the strangest things happen to me this year and this just adds the cherry to the sundae. After waiting a few minutes, the skunk left. We walked a few minutes and we had made it to Haverford’s Hollow Trail. Earlier in the season, the trail had been vandalized. Its copper wiring had been stripped which is shame. What’s wrong with people when they resort to desperate acts like this for money?

Haverford’s Hollow Trail is a dark walk through the woods where you’ll meet some sadistic country folk and some colorful characters. The acting is great and the theme is carried throughout the haunt. You’ve entered the woods where a family of deranged hill-folk are out to get you and you must survive. It’s a fun haunt. I enjoyed how the actors were able to pick out people they knew would be frightened of them. The scenes were also memorable like the barbershop, wood shop, country store and the daughter who looked out for her pa’s moonshine as she followed us with her stick that was on fire.

Haverford’s Hollow Trail has great acting, but the scenes could be more creative and better lit. Since it’s only $8 a ticket, some things can be overlooked a little. It’s not as good as Mayhem Mansion, but it’s not as expensive either. Mayhem Mansion is $12 a person and Haverford’s Hollow Trail is $8 a person. You can re-enter 1 attraction for $5 or both for $8. Please visit for the rest of the extended details on pricing. On your way to Haverford’s Hollow Trail, you may want to stop in at the Kenton Lakes Sportsplex concessions building. It has food, drinks, arcade games and everything you could want for a hungry soul.

Mayhem Mansion and Haverford’s Hollow Trail are old school haunts that focus on character development and are great while they last. They aren’t too pricey and offer just the right amount of scares. It might even be one of the few haunts that allows actors to touch customers. It adds to the intensity of Mayhem Mansion. Mayhem Mansion is a scary haunt with a spooky location and Haverford’s Hollow Trail compliments it well.

Final Stab For Each Haunt
*Mayhem Mansion
Length-8  Design-8  Props/Animatronics-7  Acting-9  Scare Effect-10
Final Stab: 8.4

*Haverford’s Hollow Trail
Length-7  Design-6  Props/Animatronics-6  Acting-8  Scare Effect-7 
Final Stab: 6.8