Haverford’s Hollow Trail 2010 Review

Haverford’s Hollow Trail-“Crazed Kinfolk and Creeps”
Genre: Haunted Trail
Location: 13966 Decoursey Pike
Morning View, KY 41063
Runtime: 15 min
Website: www.themayhemmansion.com

Do you fear the dark and spooky woods of Kentucky? Do you fear crazed hillbillies? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you’re ready for Haverford’s Hollow Trail. This is the second attraction at Mayhem Mansion and hopefully you can handle the mayhem.

This is City Blood’s 2010 review of Haverford’s Hollow Trail.

What’s Good About The Haunt?
You’ll notice about halfway through the haunt, that this isn’t your usual haunted trail. Most of the trail consists of various sheds that resemble something you would see in the early 1900s. You’ll feel like you’ve taken a wrong turn and are now on sacred ground owned and occupied by some evil kinfolk. Lanterns light much of the path before experiencing different scenes. Scenes include a workshop, an attempted hanging, kinfolk confrontations and more.

The acting is great throughout Haverford’s Hollow Trail with actors jumping off shacks, warning you of trespassing and staying in character the entire time. Nearly every actor knew my name and used it as part of their scene. You’ll notice that you’ll be asked in the beginning what you’re name is and about midway though the haunt, the actors will be using it.

What’s Bad About The Haunt?
There’s way too much dead space. There are some decent scenes like a sick and twisted workshop and an attempted hanging, but a lot of time is wasted walking in woods without anything happening. There needs to be additional scenes in order for this haunt to be worth its $8 ticket price.

Customer Service:
Haverford’s Hollow Trail by itself is $8. This is a bit high considering the amount of time there is without anything happening. You can buy a combo ticket to tour both Mayhem Mansion and Haverford’s Hollow Trail for $18. Even with the combo, $18 is still an expensive price to pay. Locating the haunt can also be a little confusing since it’s not directly next to Mayhem Mansion. You’ll need to walk to the parking lot in order to locate the haunt and I have a feeling that some people may get lost in trying to find the trail. The wait for entering the trail is longer than it should be. I was with one other person without anyone behind me and waited about 10 minutes before I was allowed to walk the trail. If there is a huge crowd, I’m not sure what the staff is going to do.

As far as concessions go, I didn’t notice many at Mayhem Mansion or any at Haverford’s Hollow Trail. Food and refreshments would be appreciated and would add additional income for the haunt.

Final Thoughts:
There are elements of this haunted trail I enjoy such as the actors knowing customers’ names and the well acted skits you’ll come across. But as of now, there’s way too much dead space to make this haunted trail worth its ticket price. Hopefully more is done in the future to add more value to Haverford’s Hollow Trail.

Length-8   Design-6    Props/Animatronics-5    Acting-8    Scare Effect-6
Official Score – 6.6

Fun Facts:
*Much of the profits made off of Mayhem Mansion go towards Boone County Fraternal Order of Police.