Industrial Nightmare 2009 Review

Industrial Nightmare-“Don’t Drink The Green Water”
Over the years Industrial Nightmare has gained a reputation for having some of the most innovative scenes and stunning props in the haunt industry. While it’s not as well known as some haunts in the industry, it’s just as good. This haunt is really a diamond in the ruff that people need to experience at least one time in their lifetime. The night we visited, the crowds were rather small because of a baseball game that was going on that night. But this was the case with all the haunts that night.

When we got our tickets for the haunt and walked through the queue line area we noticed right away that many improvements were made. Much of the walls are vacuform and covered with skeletal remains and much of the museum horror movie areas have been revamped with more detail and lighting. This is the review of Industrial Nightmare.

Length-8: Your trip through the dark corridors and twisted rooms at Industrial Nightmare will take around 15 minutes to complete. The majority of rooms are very exciting, but could use some additional actors. But overall it’s a lengthy haunt with a duration under 20 minutes.

Design-9: Years ago Industrial Nightmare focused mostly on the haunted factory/industrial power plant theme, but as time progressed that theme has been replaced with various rooms that are sure to raise the hair on the back of your arms. To say that some areas of this haunt is detailed is an understatement. Areas include various realistic shacks that are home to some of the most infamous movie villains of all time. These include Jason Vorhees, Michael Myers and even a realistic boiler room where you’ll come face to face with Freddy Krueger himself. But your haunted journey into darkness doesn’t end there.

A few years ago Industrial Nightmare was one of the very first haunts to introduce the swamp scene. While some haunts just feature one short claustrophobia air bag tunnel, Industrial Nightmare has had their own claustrophobia tunnel custom made by Oak Island. This is one of the longest claustrophobia tunnels you’ll experience and really creates the effect that you are being submerged in a murky swamp. The addition of a large green laser light up a head really adds to the effect.

Other areas you’ll enter is a shrinking hallway, walls that close in on you, a bridge with a swamp monster below and much more. Industrial Nightmare has some of the most creative scenes around, but there are too many areas that have black walls without any detailing. Making these walls look aged or stained would help the haunt better transition from scene to scene. If this area was fixed, Industrial Nightmare would easily get a perfect ten in terms of design. The addition of sinister scents to give off swamp smells or even the smell of pine trees or aged wood would help some scenes be more realistic.

Props/Animatronics-9: Industrial Nightmare utilizes many props from huge companies in the haunt industry such as Scare Factory, Distortions Unlimited and Oak Island Productions. The amount of eye candy present in this haunt is pretty impressive. These include a massive claustrophobia tunnel, Distortions Gargoyle Scare, a Shake and Bake Electric Chair, a massive nuclear creature, a levitating morgue table and much more. You’ll be quite amazed at what you see at Industrial Nightmare. There haven’t been huge additions made this year, but the props at this haunt are quite stunning to say the least.

Acting-8: Industrial Nightmare has a large cast of dedicated actors waiting to scare you at every turn you take. They wear elaborate costumes, makeup, masks and prosthetics, but many lack dialogue unfortunately. Having a script the actors use for each room would really make the haunt more realistic and engaging instead of having the typical actor who jumps out and yells or chases you with a chainsaw. I think people are starting to become desensitized to chainsaws because the majority of haunts I’ve gone through this year most customers didn’t even jump a little once they were being chased down by a chainsaw maniac. Characters you’ll encounter are a scarecrow who blends in with the corn, crazed lunatics, a girl who levitates off a morgue table and a plethora of unique characters.

Scare Effect-9: Industrial Nightmare is an intense haunt just like the other haunts that are part of The Haunted Network. There are some scenes you may see other haunts copy, but never pull them off as well as Industrial Nightmare does. The actors are crazy and the way the scenes immerse you into the action can really be a frightening experience for many.

Customer Service: The workers at Industrial Nightmare are very helpful and organized. If you have a problem they are right on it. The parking is completely free and very safe. The addition of concessions besides Pizza out front would add to the experience, but isn’t necessary.

Fright Value: For only $17 you can tour both Industrial Nightmares and Dementions. For an additional $8 you can tour all three haunts at The Industrial Nightmare Complex for the reasonable price of $25. You’ll have a difficult time finding a better deal than that for haunts of this quality.

Final Stab-8.6: As you can see this is one of the lowest scores we’ve given to Industrial Nightmare, but this doesn’t mean that it isn’t an incredible haunt. It’s innovative, stunning and very intense. There just haven’t been enough changes made this year to warrant the same scores it’s been getting in the past. If you love detailed haunts with things you’ve never seen before, then make a tip out to The Industrial Nightmare Complex.