Industrial Nightmare 2008 Review

Industrial Nightmare-“A Haunted Nuclear Waste Land”
Industrial Nightmare has been known over the years as the mother of all haunted houses. We’re not sure about that statement, but Industrial Nightmare is one of the most innovative and well designed haunts we’ve ever been to. It has a mixture of detailed scenes, intense actors and amazing effects.

Length-9: Your trip through the Industrial Nightmare Complex will take around 15-20 minutes to exit. There are a couple dead spots in between scenes where there are few actors, but overall it’s an action packed haunt throughout.
Design-9: Industrial Nightmare has some of the most innovative scenes we’ve seen at any haunt we’ve been to. While there haven’t been huge improvements this year, scenes people have come to love are better than ever. There are a variety of scenes you’ll experience such as classic horror movie rooms that have been inspired by classics. These include Friday The 13th, Halloween, Hell Raiser and much more. These horror movie recreations are impressive to say the least.
They’re detailed, intricate and as authentic as possible. You will feel like you are part of your favorite Horror classic. But Industrial Nightmare isn’t just about pleasing fans of Slasher films. There are also some rooms that will even impress those who’ve seen everything. A big addition last year was the dark swamp. You may have experienced claustrophobia tunnels at some haunts, but nothing is like what Industrial Nightmare offers.
You’ll slowly walk down a ramp where the only thing that can be seen is a flashing laser light up ahead. Suddenly you’re sucked in  between massive black air bags that you must walk in between before you make it out alive. It’s intense to say the least since Industrial Nightmare’s air bags have been customized by Oak Island to make them bigger and better than you’ve ever seen at any other haunt. Other scenes include a forest where you must walk across a wet bridge before your confrontation with a massive nuclear beast. Industrial Nightmare is way a head of its competition when it comes to innovation.
Props/Animatronics-10: There is a plethora of high end animatronics that can be seen at Industrial Nightmare. These include a massive nuclear beast, a puking ghoul, lunging corpses and so much more. A favorite among many people is the massive claustrophobia air bags that make up the black swamp. There’s always some type of animated scare that you’ll encounter at Industrial Nightmare.
Acting-9: Just like with every haunt that is part of The Haunted Network, the actors are always intense and in your face. This creates an intimidating experience where you’re looking both ways before you enter the next scene.
Scare Effect-9: Industrial Nightmare is one of those haunts that is so well designed that everything seems to perfectly flow together. This makes for a realistic experience where actors appear as if they are the characters they are portraying and scenes seem real. You’ll have a difficult time finding a more startling haunt than Industrial Nightmare.
Fright Value: $17 gets you one of the most innovative haunts in the country. Plus you get admission to Dementions. Where else can you get a deal like that? Please make sure and take advantage of discounts available at
Final Stab-9.2: Five years ago Industrial Nightmare was known as one of the worst haunts in Indiana, but this isn’t the case anymore. The entire haunt has been overhauled the last few years to the point where it’s unrecognizable. Please do yourself a favor and drive out to the Industrial Nightmare complex this Halloween season for one Hell of a time.