The Haunted Schoolhouse 2007 Review

The Haunted School House-“Another Season of Scares”
For 34 seasons The Haunted School House has been scaring Ohio with its brand of unique terror. Get ready to experience one of Ohio’s greatest haunts and become a victim of Akron’s one and only Haunted School House.

Length-10: It will take you more than 20 minutes to tour all 3 floors of The Haunted School House. Once you think it’s over you’ll be walking down steps to enter another part of the haunt.
Design-10: Some of the best detailed sets can be seen at The Haunted School House. The attention to detail and creativity in many of the rooms is simply amazing. Some scenes you’ll experience are a haunted bathroom, Saw torture scene, various haunted shacks and much much more. Unlike many haunts some of the rooms are massive and will catch your attention right away.
Props/Animatronics-10: The Haunted School House is full of impressive eye candy that you won’t find anywhere else because a lot of the props are homemade. Some sights include a massive giant, rampaging car, a monster under the bed and much more. If you love high tech animatronics or detailed props you’ll be in Heaven once you enter The Haunted School House.
Acting-9: The actors you’ll encounter are very convincing and pop up when you least expect it. But unlike many haunts, at The Haunted School House the actors become props in the scene. At one point you’ll see a witch that moves just like an electric mannequin and all over a sudden he springs to life to scare the crap out of his next victim. Many of the actors are hidden within doors that are part of the various sets and if you’re not paying attention, you’ll be caught off guard. While the actors are aggressive and intense at certain points you’ll be bunched together with other groups and it somewhat ruins the entire experience.
Scare Effect-9: There is a reason why The Haunted School House has been around for nearly 40 years. It’s a uniquely designed haunt that doesn’t just rely on fancy sets, but actually has actors who love what they’re doing. If there isn’t a moment where your frightened or startled, you must not have a pulse.
Fright Value: $15 is a deal for 3 floors of terror. Even though the ticket price has been increased $4 extra dollars, you’ll be experiencing one of the nation’s best haunts.
Final Stab-9.6: The Haunted School House returns better than ever. Even though there aren’t many new standout scenes, the old classics still have the impact they did years ago. Make sure to come out and visit The Haunted School House for a night of frightful scares.