The Haunted Schoolhouse 2008 Review

The Haunted School House-“The legend, The Myth, The Fan Favorite”
The Haunted School House may possibly be the oldest haunt in the nation. While there may be some haunts that have been around just as long, their attraction isn’t at the same level that The Haunted School House is at. This haunt just keeps getting better with age and never seems to disappoint.

Length-9: The Haunted School House is 4 floors of fear. Each floor is around 5 minutes making your tour last anywhere from 20-25 minutes. There are a variety of scenes with very few dead spots in between.

Design-10: The Haunted School House has some of the most elaborate scenes you will ever come across in a haunted attraction. Just like with their props, every frightening scene has been hand crafted to startle and scare you. Unlike many haunts the majority of scenes are roped off so none of the props are damaged or tampered with. This creates an experience like no other. It creates a theater like experience where you can comfortably view each scene without worrying that you may run into something. Rooms include a haunted ball room, Freddy’s Boiler Room, a walk through casket and of course the legendary dungeon. There are a variety of rooms that are both startling in detail and creative in ever sense of the word.

Props/Animatronics-10: The props you’ll view at The Haunted School House are exclusive since they’ve all been hand crafted to fit the scenes they’re in. Where else can you see a worm monster emerge from a swamp to feast on its victim or a massive giant waiting to strike? It will be interesting to see what The Haunted School House comes up with in the years to come.

Acting-10: The Haunted School house uses techniques I rarely see used at other haunts. You’ll come across a scene and be awe struck  by the detail in some of the human like figures and all of a sudden the figure comes alive. The actors immerse themselves in the scenes and become what ever character they are portraying. Rather you like it or not you will be frightened by someone or something that’s well hidden within a set or jumps out from the darkness when you least expect it.

Scare Effect-9: The Haunted School House is unlike any other haunt in the nation. Every set and prop is unique and rarely seen at any other haunt in the United States. While you may experience a few similar things at other attractions, The Haunted School House has perfected those scenes and effects. If you don’t jump once during the entire tour, you must not have a pulse.

Fright Value: A trend these days is for haunts to raise their prices from year to year with small discounts being available. This is the case with The Haunted School House. But please make sure and take advantage of the many discounts available at Yes, the admission may be costly, but it’s well worth the money invested.

Final Stab-9.6: One of the best haunts in the nation never seems to disappoint. There’s a reason why they’ve been featured in Hauntworld Magazine and on the Travel Channel. They’re that good and only get better with age. Make sure and take a trip out to Akron Ohio to visit one of the nation’s oldest haunted attractions, The Haunted School House.