Haunted Spook Coop 2007 Review

Haunted Spook Coop-“Crazed Creepy Chicken Coops”

It was a dark Fall night where many haunts were open to the public and ready to scare patrons who dare to enter. We decided to visit the Haunted Spook Coop for the night and for the most part we had mixed emotions about this year’s haunt.

Length-8: It will take anywhere from 15-20 minutes to complete your tour of The Haunted Spook Coop. Depending on how well you navigate around the many dark mazes it may take a bit longer.
Design-8: The majority of this haunt consists of realistic sets set off to the side. While many are detailed and unique I would like to see the scenes flow together better so you feel more immersed in the action. Some chilling rooms you’ll venture into are a mad clown ball pit, haunted playground, foggy graveyard, rustic dungeon and many more. If the lighting was improved in some of the main rooms this haunt would look much more professional and realistic.
Props/Animatronics-8: The Haunted Spook Coop contains many pneumatic props throughout the haunt. Ghouls pop out from paintings, a chained rat tries to free itself, a vortex tunnel tries to pull you in and there is much more eye candy every which way you turn. It seems though that there is a less amount of animated scares then in previous years.
Acting-7: There are many actors that roam the dark halls of the Haunted Spook Coop. While they can be intimidating, they aren’t timed perfectly. If you in the back of another group you may miss a lot of the actors that pop up. Stand out characters include the demented clowns in the fun house and the monstrous characters in the foggy graveyard.
Scare Effect-8: The scariest part of the Haunted Spook Coop is its dark and menacing mazes. They are very confusing and without a guide you could easily be walking in circles. While there are many scenes that will frighten people unless you are in front you may miss some of the timed scares. The actors are enthusiastic, but some try to be more intimidating then scary.
Fright Value: Depending on your budget $10 can be an awful high price for a haunt of this caliber. While there are moments where you’ll be frightened, it can be pricey for a family of four or more. Make sure to print out coupons for the Haunted Spook available online.
Final Stab-7.8: This year’s version of the Haunted Spook was a bit disappointing. While there were a few new additions, nothing made that big of an impact. The Haunted Spook is still going strong scaring customers since 2001.