The Haunted Hydro 2008 Review

The Haunted Hydro-“Crazy Bob Gets A little Crazier”
The Haunted Hydro has been scaring the people of Fremont Ohio and beyond for 19 years and always seems to have something new up its sleeve. What started off as a haunted barn has evolved into place for family and friends to have the wits scared out of them while having a variety of spooky entertainment in front of their face.

Length-8: Your dark adventure through The Haunted Hydro will take around 15 minutes to complete depending on if you’re brave enough.

Design-8: The Haunted Hydro is a mixture of indoor and out door scenes that have a mixture of different themes. These include a clown’s den, spinning wheel of death, a funeral home and much more. These rooms would have a more frightening effect on customers if they followed a theme that slowly developed as you progressed from one room to the next.

Props/Animatronics-7: The Haunted Hydro is in great need of some animated scares and detailed props to fill up some of the unique rooms you’ll encounter. It’s a shame that the same amount of effort that’s put into makeup isn’t used to detail rooms. There aren’t any standout props, but hopefully with time this will improve.

Acting-9: The star of the night is Crazy Bob Turner himself. If you are worried that the line is too long don’t. Time will definitely fly by as you’re entertained by Bob who interacts with customers and makes The Haunted Hydro a memorable experience before you even enter the haunt. But besides Crazy Bob Turner you’ll encounter some truly grotesque characters such as a half human, half pig who squeals in terror or the undead bride who looks for her next husband to take with her in the afterlife. Once inside The Haunted Hydro you’ll experience some of the strangest creatures that you’ll likely see at any haunt this year.

Scare Effect-8: The Haunted Hydro is a haunt that plays off your fears the moment you arrive. Unspeakable creatures and ghouls from beyond haunt the grounds of the hydro plant as you wait in line for the main event “The Haunted Hydro”. It would be nice to see some effects and scenes that aren’t predictable and seen at other haunts. This would help in creating a truly scary haunt.

Fright Value: $10 is a deal for an attraction with so much entertainment value. Please make sure and purchase a combo ticket for both The Haunted Hydro and The House of Shocks for the reasonable price of $15.

Final Stab-8.0: The Haunted Hydro is one of those unique haunts that has a boat load of entertainment in one convenient place. You can walk through 2 creepy haunts, have yourself a tarot card reading, purchase some tasty treats and even destroy a car at The Haunted Hooptie area for only $1. Make sure to visit The Haunted Hydro this Halloween season for a variety of scares and please beware of Crazy Bob Turner.