The Haunted Hydro 2007 Review

The Haunted Hydro-“Crazy Bob Turner Is Waiting”
We first arrived at The Haunted Hydro and the anticipation was at a high. I’ve heard numerous times over the years how great the actors were at this haunt and I didn’t honestly know what to expect. But I was pleasantly surprised once I entered the queue line and once I entered the haunt I was blown away.

Length-9: It will take anywhere from 15-20 minutes to escape the madness which is The Haunted Hydro. Depending on how well you navigate through the chain maze it may take a couple minutes longer.

Design-8: A lot of The Haunted Hydro takes place inside and outdoors. You’ll first have to crawl through a dimly lit hearse before you experience the various themed rooms. Some scenes you’ll experience are a haunted dungeon, haunted Christmas room, chain maze and so much more. While there isn’t a huge amount of detailing in the walls, the actors more than make up for that.

Acting-10: Some of the most creative and grotesque characters are at The Haunted Hydro. When you first enter the Queue line you’ll eventually meet up with Crazy Bob Turner, the owner and queue line actor at The Haunted Hydro. If you like interactive actors you’ll love Bob Turner and the wait in line quickly passes by because of how entertaining and frightening he is. Other characters who roam The Haunted Hydro are a slime covered ghoul who tries to cover you with slime straight from his disgusting head or a wild boar with a sledge hammer. The actors at this long running haunt are diverse and never come out of character.

Props/Animatronics-8: The majority of the props you’ll encounter go great with the rooms they decorate. Obviously much of the eye candy is homemade, but with so many great actors you’ll have a hard time noticing anything else. The most impressive prop of the night goes to the skinned corpse on a stick which makes the actor look like half his body is missing.

Scare Effect-9: While the scenes aren’t necessarily frightening, the actors are. The characters you’ll encounter are intense, relentless and downright spooky. You’ll have a hard time finding a better cast of characters anywhere.

Fright Value: $10 is a deal for so much entertainment. Right from the start you’ll be entertained by Crazy Bob Turner while you wait in line and from there the horror doesn’t stop. This is a haunt where you get your moneys worth.

Final Stab-8.8: What The Haunted Hydro lacks in design, they make up for enthusiasm. Their actors are incredible and really bring scenes to life. After you’ve been to The Haunted Hydro you’ll forget about high tech animatronics or expensive sets because the real star of this haunt is its cast of characters.