The Haunted Hotel 2007 Review

Louisville’s longest running haunt returns for another year of intense high startle scares. There are few haunts that can match the intensity of The Haunted Hotel and for the most part we weren’t disappointed with this years haunt.
Length-9: It will take nearly 20 minutes to escape The Haunted Hotel. If you run out of the wooden maze screaming in terror it may take you around 15.
Design-9: The Haunted Hotel rarely disappoints me when it comes to design. The creativity and attention to little details in the rooms is pretty impressive. While nothing has drastically changed from previous years, it’s as good as ever. Although the outdoor area has been a nice addition since it was added a couple years ago, it still can’t live up to how great the hotel itself is. Rooms include the incredible Hellevator, nude shower scene, chainsaw maze and the ever popular clown room. In the next few years I would like to see the lighting be improved to showcase the detailed rooms more effectively.
Props/Animatronics-9: The Haunted Hotel has some incredible jaw dropping animatronics that will blow you away. At the beginning of your tour you will enter into a seamlessly safe elevator. Once you enter all Hell breaks looks. Lights flash, the floor shakes and the elevator sounds as if it’s going to fall straight to the bottom floor of the hotel. You’ll have a hard time finding a better Hellevator anywhere. Other animatronics include a dizzying vortex tunnel, electrocution chair, decapitation victim and other amazing eye candy you’ve come to expect from The Haunted Hotel. While it’s impressive, some animatronics from last year weren’t present such as the giant Impaler, flying grim reaper, haunted cabinets and a couple more props here and there.
Acting-9: The Haunted Hotel is famous for its intense actors who are relentless in scaring people who walk through the haunt. You’ll be chased by chainsaw wielding maniacs multiple times through out the hotel and it can be quite intense at times. Other actors swing bats, get up close and personal in your face and never come out of character.  The only downfall is that once in a while the music won’t be properly synchronized with the scene and you’ll be waiting a few seconds for an actor to emerge. This was also the case with the outdoor wooden maze. A few of the actors were already chasing the group ahead of us and were late on scaring us. While this rarely happens at The Haunted Hotel, it did with us and ruined a few of the scenes that The Haunted Hotel is known for.
Scare Effect-9: Here is one of the most intense haunts around. The actors are incredibly intense, the props are well timed and the layout of the entire haunt is amazing. The Haunted Hotel is one of the few haunts that can pull of a good scare using a chainsaw. If you’re looking for a haunt that never lets up, The Haunted Hotel is the haunt for you.
Fright Value: $15 may sound high for a single haunt, but its worth the price in scares with The Haunted Hotel. You’ll get your moneys worth of scares and frightful memories.
Final Stab-9.0: The Haunted Hotel is one of those haunts that you just have to experience to believe. Its actors are some of the most dedicated in the business and its timed scares are some of the best you’ll see. Make a visit to The Haunted Hotel this season and experience one of the best haunts in the nation.