Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall 2017 Review

Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall (Cincinnati, OH)
“Home For The Holidays”
By Noah Wullkotte:

Mt Healthy Haunted Hall is 27 years old making it Cincinnati’s longest running haunt. Enter through a small graveyard that leads to an old building where a grim reaper is holding a lantern. He beckons you to enter his haunted domain. This is City Blood’s 2017 review of Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall.

Every season, Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall shakes things up with a new theme. This year, the haunt centers around the holidays. This is a unique haunt since many of its scenes are funny and frightening. You’ll experience holidays such as New Years Eve, Halloween, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving and more. For the most part the holiday themed rooms are effective. The Christmas area features the mythical creature known as Krampus. The New Years Even room is home to Father Time and his New Year’s ball.

The Valentine’s Day and Easter rooms miss the mark. They come off as put together at the last minute and can be a little cheesy. Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall doesn’t just focus on holidays. You’ll experience traditional scenes such as the Bates Motel. Norman is dressed as his mother Norma Bates as he gives you a tour of the blood splattered motel. It’s only $30 to stay the night. There’s even a Camp Crystal Lake which features a variety of monsters. Unfortunately I didn’t see Jason Voorhees, but there was Freddy Krueger which had me scratching my head in confusion. Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall is an old school haunt at heart. You’re going to see typical characters such as Dracula who rises from his coffin. Bug Boy is their resident mascot who is waiting for you to enter his roach infested home.

Mt. Healthy Hall has many homemade special effects. Their Hellevator is pretty good and their vortex tunnel is very wide. The Thanksgiving dining room includes a chandelier that suddenly falls. I appreciated the little touches that make the haunt stand out. This includes a bridge in camp Crystal Lake that actually moves. The actors do a decent job. Many of the actors wear masks which is a bit unfortunate. Some resort to growling instead of using any meaningful dialogue.

Tour time varies depending on how long you’re lost in their dark maze. City Blood is notoriously bad at mazes and it was no different at Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall. We eventually found our way out, but it was no easy task. Our trip through Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall took 23 minutes. Tickets are $10 per person which is quite cheap. Donate a canned good to receive a $2 discount. VIP tickets to skip the line are $15 a piece. Bring 2 cans of soup to get $5 off admission on Sunday (AKA Soupy Sunday). That makes your admission only $5 which is an incredible deal.  Lights Up Night takes place on October  22nd from 6-6:45 pm. Children get to go trick or treating inside the haunt which is less scary on this day. Tickets are only $5 per child and adults get in free.

Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall is sponsored by the Madonna Council Nights of Columbus and assisted by youth organizations. Profits made go towards these groups and charity. There are concessions available incase you’re a little hungry or thirsty. Food and drinks are less than a buck. Who doesn’t like hot chocolate on a crisp fall night?

This is a fun haunt you can bring the entire family to. The famous dark maze is quite difficult and there are many entertaining scenes that will make you laugh and jump. We hope you visit Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall this Halloween season and make some haunting memories that will last a lifetime.

Length-9  Design-7  Props/Animatronics-6  Acting-6 Scare Effect-7
Final Stab: 7.0