The Haunted Farm House 2015 Review

The Haunted Farm House (Walton, KY)

“Don’t Fear The Unknown”

By Noah Wullkotte:

The Angel of Death guards over a spooky farm house as it casts its shadow. This home was built in 1901 and paranormal evidence has been documented over the years. Walk past a small graveyard before entering The Haunted Farm House at Benton Family Farm.

The Haunted Farm House is an old school haunt in the greatest sense. Are you ready to explore the devil’s domain? The Haunted Farm House features typical scenes found in many haunts. You will even encounter some horror movie monsters.

Michael Myers can be found in the mysterious dark maze as he stalks one of his victims. You’ll come in contact with a variety of characters as you navigate through complete darkness. Freddy Krueger is seen tormenting a poor girl who lies on a bed next to the roaring fire in a fireplace. Jason Voorhees makes his presence known as he emerges from a cabin near a spooky graveyard.

The Haunted Farm House features a clown house, a spider’s lair, hanging body bags and my favorite is the final scene. You’ll meet an angry mother who has locked her young daughter up behind bars and is looking for a new husband. This is without question the best actor in the haunt and a great final scene.

You’re not going to see lots of flashy props at The Haunted Farm House, but this haunt is pretty creative. Their electric chair is very different. You’ll feel the prisoner’s pain as the floor vibrates from underneath you. The Haunted Farm House has its scary moments. The dark maze with Michael Myers is very creepy and the actress playing the murderous mother is very convincing.

There are some issues we had with the haunt. There were several times when actors would just scream at us or tell us to get out. This was more annoying than scary. There are scenes that could use more detail, props and be more original.

The Haunted Farm House is a 10 minute haunt and is $10 a person. This makes it a dollar a minute. Proceeds benefit the nonprofit 501C3 Family Farm. After you survived The Haunted Farm House, be sure to get your picture taken in front of their banner.

Length-6  Design-6  Props/Animatronics-6  Acting-6  Scare Effect-7
Final Stab: 6.2