Entanglement 2009 Review

Entanglement Corn Maze returns for its 2009 season. Nothing has drastically changed and you’ll be left wanting more. If you are a fan of haunted mazes, then this will be a treat for you. But most of the general public will walk away disappointed.
Length-8: The time it takes to get out of Entanglement Corn Maze depends on how good you are navigating through corn mazes. It’s a rather large corn maze, but you could easily escape in less than 20 minutes if you are somewhat familiar with this type of haunt.
Design-6: This is a pretty well designed corn maze, but doesn’t really have any areas you can call scenes. It’s just a bunch of actors roaming around in corn. A lot more could be done with Entanglement if more thought was put into it.
Props/Animatronics-4: A huge problem with Entanglement Corn Maze is its lack of decor. There really aren’t any props to speak of and this is a shame. Props associated with corn fields such as pumpkin themed animatronics or scarecrow themed figures would really improve this haunt and make it more interesting. Without props it gets quite irritating seeing the same corn over and over. It would make the maze a little easier since people would be able to tell where they were at, but it would be worth it.
Acting-4: The acting aspect of Entanglement Corn Maze is an afterthought. Most of the actors will either chase you with chainsaws or use some other type of weapon. The actors I encountered wore cheap masks and terrible costumes. Unfortunately I feel that the acting will never improve until Hanna Haunted Acres hires an acting coach.
Scare Effect-6: This can be a somewhat spooky haunt when you are uncertain of what lurks behind the corn. The feeling of helplessness trying to find the exit is an unsettling feeling when you can see tons of corn up ahead and you have no clue where you are.
Customer Service: The staff at Hanna Haunted Acres is very friendly and will help you in anyway they can. There are various concessions such as funnel cakes, hotdogs, soft drinks and more. The parking is absolutely free and there’s plenty of area to park your vehicle.
Fright Value: Entanglement Corn Maze will set you back $13, but you can purchase a two haunt combo for $21 or a 6 haunt combo for $26. Some people unaware of what this haunt is like may just purchase a ticket to Entanglement and at $13 it’s not worth the price of admission. Please make sure and visit www.hannahauntedacres.com to print out a discount coupon. You have to fill out a form and use Adobe, but it’s still worth the time invested.
Final Stab-5.6: Entanglement Corn Maze is a decent corn maze, but when you are charging $13 people expect a lot more. One day someone will create a haunted corn maze that’s original and scary, but sadly I don’t see this day coming anytime soon.