Carnevil 2009 Review


Carnevil is a brand new haunt at Hanna Haunted Acres. It replaces Acres Manor which has been Hanna Haunted Acres family friendly haunt for years. Will this haunt bring anything new to the table or does it stand as your typical 3D attraction?

Length-6: Your tour through Carnevil will last under 10 minutes. There are some dead spots and the haunt seems to rely a little too much on the 3D effects.

Design-7: Carnevil is what you would expect from a traditional 3D haunt. Rooms have comical and scary images that move and come to life when putting on the 3D glasses and many scenes are centered around clowns and the carnival. Some scenes are interesting such as the room that has many clown heads and you have to figure out what is going to happen next. But more creativity could be used.

Props/Amimatronics-7: The majority of the props you’ll see at Carnevil are circus/carnival themed. These include static clown dummies, moving clown heads, a vortex tunnel and even a large jack in the box. The vortex tunnel could be more effective if customers weren’t forced to drop off their glasses before entering. This could be a real dizzying experience.

Acting-5: There are very few actors in this haunt and the actors Carnevil has don’t seem like they are trained very well. They blend in with scenery though and the costumes are pretty decent. The addition of more actors would help and make it worth more.

Scare Effect-6: This is a fun haunt to walk through because of all the cool 3D effects and clown themed rooms. But there aren’t many frightening moments that you would expect from a traditional haunt. It’s fun either way you look at it though.

Customer Service: The staff is very very friendly and any question you may have they’ll answer right away. There are concessions available in the concession tent such as funell cakes, hot dogs etc. The parking is also free and safe with plenty of spaces to park.

Fright Value: $13 is way too high for an attraction that doesn’t bring anything new to the table. $7 would be a much more reasonable price. Please purchase a $26 combo ticket or print out a discount coupon available at

Final Stab-6.2: Carnevil is a nice addition to Hanna Haunted Acres. There are many people out there that have an extreme fear of clowns and they should be petrified as they go through this haunt. But for people who don’t fear clowns, it’s going to be a much harder sell unless you bring something unique to the table.