Devil’s Half Acre 2009 Review

Devil’s Half Acre has been a staple of Hanna Haunted Acres for years. While it’s not the best haunt at the farm, it’s still a quality attraction that you shouldn’t miss out on when you are there. This is the review of Devil’s Half Acre.
Length-7: Devil’s Half Acre will take around 10 minutes to complete. There’s some time waiting for the last scene, but besides that there aren’t many areas where little is happening.
Design-7: The design isn’t drastically different from last you. There’s a haunted cave, crawl through sewer drains, a creepy graveyard and a final scene where you’ll come face to face with Satan himself. This memorable scene has been altered and doesn’t have the effect it once did.
Props/Animatronics-7: Devil’s Half Acre is full of animatronics, but none are that memorable because of how they are placed. Instead of decorating a scene, they are more off to the side and the air compressors they use are pretty noisy. A few props weren’t even working properly such as the graveyard’s gargoyle. This prop is supposed to blow fog, but instead it just stood there doing nothing.
Acting-7: The majority of actors are hidden behind drop panells or blend in with scenes. There aren’t any stand out characters except for inside the last scene. This room contains Satan and his minions. While it’s not as intense as last year, it’s still the highlight of Devil’s Half Acres.
Scare Effect-7: This can be a scary haunt at certain points, but overall the scariest element of Devil’s Half Acre is the confrontation with Satan in the final scene. This haunt has a lot of potential in being scary if there were more original rooms created.
Fright Value: $13 is pretty high for a haunt of this quality. Please make sure to purchase to purchase a 2 haunt combo for $21 or 6 haunt combo for $26. Also take advantage of the coupon available at
Customer Service: The staff at Hanna Haunted Acres is very nice and it doesn’t matter what haunt you go through. The service is the same everywhere. There are various concessions available at the concession booth and parking is free.
Final Stab-7.0: Devil’s Half Acre has a lot of potential, but is way to reliant on its last scene. The rooms that lead up to the last area pale in comparison. If you are to only go through a few haunts at Hanna Haunted Acres, then Devil’s Half Acre should be one of them.