Hanna Haunted Hayride 2009 Review

Hanna Haunted Hayride-“Enter If You Dare”

Hanna Hanna Hauntd Hayride has always been known as the best haunt at Hanna Haunted Acres. It’s fun, is pretty long and has some has some impressive props. The driver of the tractor that night was a guy dressed as Beetle Juice. Some younger passengers may not recognize the character, but if you grew up in the 80’s you sure will. We were told the rules and promoted to scream our heads off. The driver started up the tractor and we were off into the dark woods.

Length-9: Hanna Haunted Acres will take you though various scenes with special effects and actors. The total time it will take to complete the haunt is around 20 minutes. There are a few dead spots that are reliant on animatronics, but enough scenes to catch your interest.
Design-7: Hanna Haunted Hayride is mostly made up of high end animatronics. While the props are impressive more could be added to the scenes to make them more realistic and memorable. The group of people on the hayride next to us really seemed to enjoy the areas that were full of actors and so did we. An animatronic can never match how scary an actor can be. Scenes include a haunted graveyard, a flying dragon, a combine chase and more.
Props/Animatronics-8: Hanna Haunted Hayride is one of those haunts that is full of high end animatronics that serve as scenes. This includes many Scare Factory props such as a flying dragon, the 13 foot Impaler, a zombie, a creature emerging from a pumpkin and more. Other decor includes a giant flourecent demon creature who threatens to kill, the famous combine and some new props that have been added to the hayride to make it somewhat fresh and new. One of these animatronics is a large piece of tree that splits in half once it detects movement. It’s a unique effect and perfect for a hayride. While these animatronics are great, they shouldn’t replace scenes, but instead compliment them. Adding some set pieces around these animatronics would really add to the haunt and take it to another level.
Acting-6: Acting really isn’t the strongest area for Hanna Haunted Hayride. There just aren’t enough actors along the trail and many of the characters you’ll come in contact with are wearing cheap masks, makeup and some actors are even dressed in hoodies. This really is inexcusable considering the budget Hanna Haunted Acres uses on new props. More time needs to be invested into the costumes used for actors.
Scare Effect-7: Hanna Haunted Hayride does have some surprising moments, but there are far too many times where the actors just don’t seem like they are in the mood to scare people. This hayride relies too heavily on animatronics while forgetting about the actors. Animatronics are supposed to decorate scenes or serve as distractions, but Hanna Haunted Hayride attempts to create an entire scene with one animatronic. It just isn’t as effective as complete scenes are that use flesh and blood actors.
Customer Service:  You really can’t beat the customer service available at Hanna Haunted Acres. The staff at the ticket booth is friendly. There’s a variety of concessions available in their concession booth. The parking is free and there is always a cop near by making sure that everyone is having a safe time.
Fright Value: $13 is a bit high for a hayride of this caliber. Nothing has changed drastically over the years to make it worth the price of admission. $10 would be a more reasonable price. Please take advantage of the various discounts available at www.hannahauntedacres.com. You can experience 2 haunts for only $21 or all 6 for $27. There is a $4 off coupon available for the all attraction combo, but you must fill out a form and print it out using Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be a problem for some people who don’t have that program downloaded.
Final Stab-7.4: The most popular attraction at Hanna Haunted Acres hasn’t changed much since last year, but is still a quality hayride. If you are watching your money and just want to experience one attraction at Hanna Haunted Acres, then Hanna Haunted Hayride is your best choice.