Ghoul Brothers House of Horrors 2017 Review

Ghoul Brothers House of Horrors (Akron, OH)
“It’s A Boy!”
By Noah Wullkotte:

Ghoul Brothers House of Horrors is the newest haunt in Akron, OH. We didn’t really know what to expect in the way of scares since they’re the new kids in town. We were pleasantly surprised to say the least. This is a highly detailed haunt with some bizarre actors and intense scenes. Ghoul Brothers doesn’t revolve around a specific theme. There’s a lot of variety which makes it very entertaining.

You’re not going to find any horror movie characters at Ghoul Brothers with the exception of Freddy Krueger. Walk through a room full of barrels to find Freddy Krueger who looks like he’s 9 months pregnant. He has boobs and apparently his water just broke. I was shocked and this is definitely one of the strangest scenes I’ve experienced this year. Ghoul Brothers features a variety of props that were seen in hit movies such as Jurassic Park. You’ll also see a CGI image of Bloody Mary in the bathroom, vortex tunnel, a tortured fat man, a man eating plant and many more hair raising props.

Ghoul Brothers has a great cast of characters. You’ll meet an insane nurse who had me turn my head to cough. I guess she thought that I might have some issues with my prostate. There’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide at Ghoul Brothers House of Horrors. The slaughter house is full of shocking sights including a massive wild boar that wants to make you his next meal. There’s a freak show with some freaky specimens. The deformed baby definitely had me taking a second look.

It’s quite obvious that the creators of Ghoul Brothers House of Horrors spent countless hours in making their haunt stand out. It’s also a very safe haunt. There were very few times where we had to tell each other to watch our step. The actors are crazy. Walk down a hallway before having a killer clown attack you while she slides on her knees. The fortune teller holds a glowing crystal ball and you’re future looks very bleak. The lunatics in the insane asylum want to bite your face off. We appreciated that Ghoul Brothers didn’t over do it with the chainsaws since you’re only going to find one chainsaw wielding madman.

Total tour time is around 10 minutes which is on the short side. Ghoul Brothers House of Horrors plans on expanding in the future. Tickets are $17. Groups of 10 or more only pay $14. A family four pack is $58 and a family five pack is $72. Family prices are only good on Sunday and tickets must be purchased online.

We were highly impressed with Ghoul Brothers House of Horrors. It’s a startling haunt with intricate scenes, crazy characters and you’ll have a great time.

Length-6 Design-9 Props/Animatronics-9 Acting-8 Scare Effect-8
Final Stab: 8.0