A Ghost Story Album Review

A Ghost Story By Raven Chronicles
“A Spirited Album Review”
By Noah Wullkotte: jollypumpkin@aol.com

A Ghost Story By Raven Chronicles takes you on a journey through your worst nightmares. Just imagine walking through a graveyard where you’re lost and you aren’t sure what you just saw off in the distance. Was that the caretaker or was that a spirit wanting to make contact?

Some of the tracks are up for interpretation, but that’s just fine. This is a well crafted album that will creep you out to your very core. The track titled “3AM” gave me a feeling of panic and sorrow. Between the hours of 2 AM and 4 AM is when spirits are most active and this track best represents that. The track titled “Letting Go” could have a few meanings. Is it the spirits of the night that are letting go of the past and moving towards the light? Are loved ones letting go of those they’ve lost and finally moving on? This is an intense and moving track that I quite enjoyed.

The track “Dream Within a Dream” is very dramatic and is one of the few tracks that has spoken words. “Dying Ember” is a cinematic journey that is both heart racing and horrifying. A Ghost Story deals with themes such as crossing over to the other side, dealing with pain and anguish, and more. There are some samplings from Disney’s Haunted Mansion and even Pan’s Labyrinth. If you’re a fan of music from the band Midnight Syndicate or Nox Arcana then A Ghost Story is right up your alley. This would be a great album to use for background music in a haunted attraction that deals with a funeral home and ghosts.

You can hear samples of music from Raven Chronicles by clicking here. You can also purchase their albums including the one reviewed by visiting Amazon.com. It’s also available on streaming services such as Amazon Music Unlimited, Spotify, Apple Music and more. We were very impressed with A Ghost Story By Raven Chronicles. It tells a haunting tale through beautiful music and artistry.

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