Midnight Syndicate Christmas: A Ghostly Gathering Review

Midnight Syndicate Christmas: A Ghost Gathering Review
By Noah Wullkotte

Midnight Syndicate releases its most ambitious album to date. It’s called Christmas: A Ghostly Gathering. Christmas has never been so scary. This album takes you on a journey though Christmas past and present. It consists of 16 tracks that tell a story through haunting vocals, hypnotic instruments and has its own unique spin on Christmas classics.

One of the most dramatic tracks is track 5 which covers the classic Angels We Have Heard On High. It starts off simple then transitions into a choir of angels singing to the heavens. It’s a beautiful track that will give you chills.

The classic Up On the Housetop makes me think that Santa is no longer jolly and he’s wanting to break into homes to harm innocent families. This is a very nerve wrecking track. You’ll be peaking out the window wondering if something evil is lurking in the shadows.

Track 12 titled Winter Storm is just plain frightening. I felt like I was running from a homicidal maniac during an intense blizzard. I have no where to run and nowhere to hide. Many of the tracks gave me a feeling of dread and panic.

Track 14 titled The Parade of the Tin Soldiers had me marching alongside an army of toys that were heading into battle. Midnight Syndicate’s take on classic Christmas carols is like nothing I’ve heard before. Greensleeves is beautiful yet haunting.

Christmas: A Ghostly Gathering just proves that Midnight Syndicate can create a Christmas album with a haunted twist. You can play it on Halloween night, Christmas Eve or anytime you just want to experience classic Christmas Carols in a unique way.

For more information on the album and where to get it, please visit www.midnightsyndicate.com.