Fright Manor 2007 Review

Indiana’s favorite Fright Manor returns for its 25th year of fright with a brand new haunt to compliment the long living Fright Manor. Will this year’s haunt be better than ever and will we be left shaking in our boots?
Length-10: This year Fright Manor has combined two haunts into one house fright. You will first experience “The House and then you’ll enter “Psychomanthium. There are very few dead spots between each haunt and it will take you around 30 minutes to tour each frightening haunt.
Design-9: With the combination of “The House and “Psychomanthium” you get two different haunts that perfectly compliment each other. Rooms and scenes you’ll encounter are a bloody bathroom, Michael Myers house, psycho circus, crawl through casket, detailed cemetery and many different scenes that go well with the different themes at both haunts. This year’s Fright Manor is more intense due to the new addition of tight crawl through spaces. If you are claustrophobic Fright Manor offers many rooms that will tap into your darkest fears. At a certain point in Fright Manor you will even be given the choice between if you want to enter a Jason themed scene or a vampire filled room. There’s something for everyone at Fright Manor.
Props/Animatronics-9: If you love animated scares as much as I do, you will be in fright Heaven when you visit Fright Manor. Tortured victims, a vomiting ghoul, electric chair, rotting zombies only name a few of the frightful  sites you’ll encounter. One of the most popular new props this year is the claustrophobia chamber and it makes its home at Fright Manor. As you walk into this air filled prop you’ll feel like you’re being suffocated or swallowed whole. It’s a unique prop that really gets to people with the fear of tight confining spaces. Although there is a wide variety of animatronics at Fright Manor a few weren’t working properly in a couple rooms we entered. But overall the majority of eye candy worked perfectly.
Acting-8: The group of actors at Fright Manor are intense as ever and so are the mechanical scares. But even though a lot of the rooms are filled with expensive animatronics I would like to see more actors in a few of the scenes. While an animatronic goes off there could be an actor just waiting to pop out when you least expect it. 
Scare Effect-9: This is an intense haunt that taps into many fears. If you are claustrophobic you’ll struggle to escape the claustrophobia chamber. If you have a fear of clowns you’ll be freaking out in the psycho circus room. Either way you look at it, there is something you will enjoy at Fright Manor while have a scary good time.
Fright Value: $15 is a deal for 2 haunts that go great together. If you are in Southport Indiana make sure to visit Fright Manor for a reasonable evening of scares.
Final Stab-9.0: One of the best haunts in Indiana returns with a few new changes that add a new dimension to an already great haunt. While I would like both haunts combined into one large haunt, they are still great on their own. Visit Fright Manor this Halloween season and have a frightfully good time.