Freak Show 2008 Review

Freak Show: “The Freaks Come Out Tonight”
Freak Show at Terror Town is a collection of some mind bending oddities and spectacles that are sure to shock and disgust.

Some of these items include:
A frightening fish boy enclosed in a case
Big Foot foot prints found in Ohio
The legendary Chupacabra creature
Various skulls and remains
and much more.

Every shocking piece is illuminated with blue or red lights and is like a mini Ripley’s Believe It or Not. If you visited USS Nightmare back in 2006 and 2007 you would have experienced a similar display of oddities known as Pickled Brothers Sideshow. Today this sideshow can be seen at Mayhem Mansion and Terror on The Lakes in Morningview, KY. Please make sure and purchase a combo ticket so you can experience the Freak Show. This attraction really gets you in the mood for what else lies ahead at Terror Town.

Note: Freak Show is not technically a haunt, so in order to be fair it hasn’t been reviewed the same as other haunts have been.