The Dungeon Haunted Attraction Interview

The Dungeon Haunted Attraction: A Spooky Partnership

By Noah Wullkotte
Today, we interview Mark Mateikat of The Dungeon Haunted Attraction in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Learn all about this new haunted adventure that’s sure to scare people to death.

Tell us a little about your partnership with Horror Hike and how that came to be?
We lost our building that we used for Dungeons of Delhi and the police department no longer wanted to pursue a new location. So, I changed the name to The Dungeon Haunted Attraction and created an LLC. I found a new building in Cheviot, but there was too much work to do to be able to open this season. I heard that Horror Hike wasn’t opening this season, so I contacted them and we formed a partnership.

How will The Dungeon Haunted Attraction be different from Dungeons of Delhi?
We’ll  be able to invest in the upcoming years to make it better and better. We are also in total control of what we can do. We’ll be able to pay our actors if there’s a profit.

What are some things people can expect to see at this year’s haunt?
The same total original creativity that Dungeons of Delhi was known for can be seen at The Dungeon Haunted Attraction. My son Matt (aka Mad Matt) will continue to be the actor coordinator and have scare school before we open. He will continue to work with the actors to help them improve their skills.

What have been some obstacles transitioning from an indoor haunt to an outdoor haunt?
The weather has been a big obstacle and not being able to work on scenes all night long.

Can people expect to see some of the same characters that were at Dungeons of Delhi and will there be characters from Horror Hike?
Yes, some of the same characters such as New Blood will be there and a few Horror Hike originals. They also have some great actors. We can use fire and real chainsaws which we were unable to do in an indoor haunt.

How are you promoting The Dungeon Haunted Attraction and Horror Hike?
We are constantly posting on our official Facebook page which can be found at . We are also passing out flyers, newspapers and discount coupons.

How did you first get involved in the haunt industry?
My son Matt was invited to check out Dungeons of Delhi. From there we met Damien Reaper and we were hooked for life.

Tell us a little about some of the other people involved in the partnership of The Dungeon Haunted Attraction and Horror Hike.
I partnered with Bill Settles and Trav Chrisman from Party at Trav’s Fireworks/Halloween Express. They have the same crazy passion for haunting as we do.

What do you look for in an actor?
I look for some one who is reliable and creative. These are characteristics you need in an actor that will push themselves.

We would like to sincerely thank Mark Mateikat for answering our questions about the new haunt. For more information on The Dungeon Haunted Attraction and Horror Hike, please visit