Dreadland Haunted Woods 2013 Review

Dreadland Haunted Woods (Sardinia, OH)
“The Woods Are Alive!”
By Noah Wullkotte: Jollypumpkin@aol.com

Dreadland Haunted Woods is an old school haunted trail that’s innovative and one the most intense in Ohio. We arrived on a Saturday night and there were customers anxiously waiting to get in. We knew we were in for a night of terror when we were asked to sign a waiver. I was unsure of what dangers we would experience, but I was ready and willing to walk through the dark woods of Sardinia, Ohio.

Dreadland Haunted Woods is unlike any haunted trail we’ve been to. It’s a dark and gritty haunt that tries to be as realistic as possible. You and a small group of people will be forced to complete various tasks and survive things you’ve never experienced before. If you have a fear of tight spaces then prepare yourself to be buried alive. A member of your group will be forced to lie in a coffin, but all they’ll be able to see is complete darkness. A sack is placed over your head and you better kiss your sweet ass goodbye.

Dreadland Haunted Woods will have you face your fears, but many people might chicken out. The Dreadzone is the first of its kind. You and a group of people will enter a small room where you must complete a horrifying challenge within 90 seconds. If you’re successful then each member receives $5 off their admission. There is no talking and you must listen to the directions you are given. If you talk to other members of your group, then the challenge ends and everyone must exit the Dreadzone.

Dreadland Haunted Woods features homemade scares you’re not going to see anywhere else. It’s a one of a kind haunted trail that tries to be different from your average haunt. We weren’t expecting to be chased by a sparking lawnmower or almost run over by a truck. The final scene is very intense and you better hold on for dear life. Dreadland Haunted Woods assaults all of your senses. Feel the heat from a blow torch and enjoy being verbally abused. You’ll be grabbed, have objects thrown at you and you’ll even have to walk though a very tight passageway. I had an aborted baby and a wet fish thrown at my back. Yes, you read that sentence correctly.

Dreadland Haunted Woods is a haunted trail that doesn’t play by the rules. You’ll be holding on to the person in front of you and you may need to cover your ears at a certain point. The sound of a shotgun blast will make your ears ring and it will definitely put you on high alert. Dreadland Haunted Woods is $15 a ticket. VIP tickets to skip the regular line are $30 a piece. Be sure to get your picture taken as you stick your head and hands in Dreadland’s pillory. Dreadland Haunted Woods definitely doesn’t hold back and you won’t see a single chainsaw. It’s a dark and hardcore haunt that takes you on an unforgettable ride.

Length-9  Design-7  Props/Animatronics-7  Acting-8  Scare Effect-9
Final Stab: 8.0