The Devil’s Attic 2014 Review

The Devil’s Attic (Louisville, KY)

“You’ll Pay For Your Sins”

By Noah Wullkotte:

The Lord of Darkness is waiting for you at The Devil’s Attic in Louisville, Kentucky. A brick building is illuminated with red lights and masked characters are interacting with customers. You’ll meet Orlock who’s a mythical creature from unknown origins. A scarecrow is perched on his cross and is waiting for the perfect moment to scare his next victim. Clips from horror movies play while you wait in line.

The Devil’s Attic starts with an introduction by the Devil himself. It’s pretty impressive that this actor can remember the same lines night after night. The dialogue is over the top to say the least. The Devil’s Attic has grown a lot since it was originally in an outdoor shopping mall many years ago.

The Devil’s Attic can easily compete with other haunts in the area and has very few flaws. One of the strengths of The Devil’s Attic is its use of LED lighting. Props and detail have just the right amount of light and scenes are neither too bright or dark. The level of detail is pretty incredible. There’s a great mixture of horror movie inspired scenes and original concepts.

One of the most over the top scenes is Frankenstein’s Laboratory. You’ll meet Frankenstein’s Monster in a very unique way. You didn’t actually think I would ruin the surprise, did you? The Devil’s Attic plays homage to horror movie favorites like Pumpkinhead. This is a very underrated film that very few haunts have a scene for. The actor playing Pumpkinhead uses a realistic full body suit. Stan Winston created the creature effects for the original cult classic and The Devil’s Attic brings this movie to life.

The Devil’s Attic has some of the best horror movie scenes around. One of my all time favorite horror films is The Exorcist. This movie really hits home because I come from a Catholic family. I’ve always had a fascination with exorcisms and the church covering them up. The Exorcist scene you’ll experience at The Devil’s Attic is very intense. The actress playing Regan Macneil is very animated as she thrashes violently back in forth in her bed covered in blood. A priest tries to cast the demon back to hell. The iconic image of the demon Pazuzu is projected on the wall.

The Devil’s Attic lets you become part of your favorite horror movies everywhere you go. You’ll revisit movies like 13 Ghosts, Hellraiser, Sleepy Hollow, The Ring, Saw, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and other fan favorites. I really appreciate the fact that The Devil’s Attic only uses one chainsaw and that’s in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre scene. There are too many haunts out there that become reliant on chainsaws to scare customers. It’s hard to scare a person with a chainsaw unless the actor knows what they’re doing. The actor playing Leatherface was definitely skilled and had great timing. The chainsaw was massive as well which helped the final scene be even more frightening.

The actors were on their A game the night we toured the haunt. There wasn’t one person who came out character and it was obvious that the entire cast was having a great time scaring people. If I had to say one negative thing about The Devil’s Attic then it would have to be about its length. We made it out alive in 12 minutes. But to be fair, we were able to get out of the Saw maze pretty quickly since we tour the haunt every year. If a few actors were to keep customers in the rooms just a little longer then the haunt could easily be a few minutes longer. It doesn’t feel short though and there wasn’t a single scene that didn’t entertain us.

Tickets are $18 a person which is about the going rate for haunts in the area. Speed Pass to skip the line is $24 a person. Dogs On The Run provides concessions on the outside of the haunt. You can get yourself a walking taco, hot dog, chili dog, cotton candy, refreshments and more. The prices aren’t too bad either. I bought myself a chili dog for $3.50 and it hit the spot. Don’t forget to get your picture taken by wfVanHook Photography before entering The Devil’s Attic. Visit to view your picture.

The Devil’s Attic is one of the best haunts in Louisville and you better get your ass down there before the Devil steals your soul.

Length-7  Design-9  Props/Animatronics-9  Acting-9  Scare Effect-9
Final Stab: 8.6