Dementions 2007 Review

Dementions-“Twisted Souls Roam The Halls”
This year Dementions is included in Industrial Nightmare’s ticket price. We heard many things about how Dementions was nearly 100% changed from last year, but we weren’t expecting how intense and innovative it would be.

Length-9: It will take you nearly 20 minutes to exit the new and improved Dementions. There are few dead spots, but some scenes are dying to have more actors.

Design-9: This years Dementions has been renovated and you’ll barely be able to recognize it since nearly everything has been improved or changed one way or the other. While many of the scenes are detailed I would like to see some of the bare walls between major rooms decorated in some way. There are a wide variety of rooms that are present in Dementions from a wall decorated with Led flashing skeletons to a new and improved Killer Santa room. This scene is reminiscent from The Haunted Hotel back in the day. While it’s entertaining, it doesn’t have as much impact as it once did when it was part of the old Haunted Hotel.

A major new addition this year is the Saw Gas Chamber. While many will describe it as a mixture between an intense Hellevator and fog filled room, I think of it as more of a gas chamber. At one point in your tour you’ll encounter a small room with colored lights all over the walls. Your first thought would be to press the colored buttons in order to exit the tight room. But after a couple minutes your nerves start setting in and you start thinking that this scene may have malfunctioned. More people start to cramming into the room with you and the intensity goes up a notch.

Suddenly the door closes behind you and the voice from the Saw doll can be heard. Suddenly Jigsaw appears from nowhere. The voice informs you that the room is about to fill up with poisonous gas and the room starts to fill up with fog and violently shake. There are few surprises I won’t give away that will surely take you be surprise. You just have to experience the Saw gas chamber to believe it. Other rooms you’ll enter during Dementions is a funeral parlor style maze, shower scene, clown room and a wide variety of rooms to catch you off guard.

Props-9: Just like in Industrial Nightmare, this haunt is full of eye candy galore. The amount of high tech props that have been added to Dementions is very impressive. Some of the scary sights you’ll see is a massive jack in the box, led skeletons, closing walls and of course the new Saw Gas Chamber.

Acting-9: The actors at Dementions this year have really brought their A game. You can expect the same intensity at Dementions as you would at The Haunted Hotel. Some of the newer scenes are timed with the help of Boo Boxes which synchronize both music and lighting together. You’ll rarely find an actor out of character and once you exit Dementions you’ll even be chased out by some intense chainsaw wielding maniacs.

Scare Effect-9: This year Dementions isn’t just a nice addition to Industrial Nightmare. It actually stands on its own as one of the best haunts in Indiana. And when you combine both Industrial Nightmare and Dementions you have yourself one frightening night of scares.

Fright Value: Dementions is well worth the price of admission since it’s included in the admission for Industrial Nightmare. Right after you’re done exiting Industrial Nightmare, you’ll walk straight in line for Dementions. Two great haunts for the price of one is a shockingly great deal.

Final Stab-9.0: The improvements that have been made to this year’s Dementions is incredible. It’s innovative, intense and a great deal. If you’re looking for one of the most intense haunts around, head down to Jeffersonville Indiana for Dementions and Industrial Nightmare.